This Famous Hair Dryer Brush Is Cheaper Than It Was on Black Friday

From our New York offices to the depths of the internet, there’s no single hair tool that’s caused as much fervor — or been as affordable — as Revlon’s One-Step Hair Dryer Brush. Twitter fans are calling the brush “life changing” and us editors are physically incapable of shutting up about it. I’ve personally bullied at least three people into buying it, and they all thanked me afterwards.

Here’s how it works: Like a regular round brush, bristles edge the cylindrical shaft of a corded hairbrush, which grip the hair as it’s combed through. Ionized hot air flows through the body of the brush and out of evenly distributed openings, drying and volumizing as it styles each section.

This blow dryer-hairbrush hybrid does on its own in 15 minutes what otherwise takes three or more tools up to an hour to get right. Many of the product’s evangelist fans — it has over 21,000 near-perfect Amazon reviews — compare it to getting a salon blowout. Except it lives in your bathroom cabinet and you can reach for it every single day.

Today, the laundry list of reasons to try this innovative tool just got a little longer. While the revolutionary hair tool regularly retails for $60 (around the cost of a single DryBar appointment), a rare Amazon’s sale has brought the price down to just $36 — even cheaper than its Black Friday price of $42. In fact, the brush has been entirely out of stock since Black Friday until today.

Shop the blowout-in-a-box for just $36 before it jumps back up to full price at

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush

Shop now: $36 (Originally $60);

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