This Week’s ‘Bachelorette’ Had An Impromptu Two-On-One No One Asked For

It’s only the second week of Hannah’s Bachelorette season, and I am already going to explode if I hear "ABC: Always Be Cam" one more time. In Monday night’s episode, one of the more, uh, out there contestants on The Bachelorette, Cam, used his irritating catchphrase as an excuse to go crash Hannah’s time with another contestant. And the resulting fight between Cam and Kevin showed that Cam might have a target on his back from here on out.

Cam has to have some serious courage to not only interrupt another guy’s time so blatantly, but also to straight up crash a group date he wasn’t asked to be on. He was incredibly offended that he hadn’t been chosen for a date, group or otherwise, and had been "cooped up in the house" while other men made connections. He simply had to make a move, in his mind. "Some guys are probably going to be upset, but I can’t be anything other than me," Cam said, adding that "this is a very ‘Cam’ thing to do." That’s not necessarily a good thing, Cam!

First, he burst into an actual group date and stole Hannah away from Devin, which made the men angry to begin with. Hannah didn’t seem thrilled, but she gives Cam some time anyway. But then later, he intruded on Kevin’s time, stirring the pot further.

Cam burst in on Kevin and Hannah, and not while they were having a casual chat: they were spending real time together. It was clearly meant to be a special private moment, and then Cam swooped in with some chicken nuggets and totally killed the vibe. Cam sets up rose petals, pillows, and candles, and brought both Kevin (why??) and Hannah down to see it.

Now, this is obviously a competition, and edging in on other contestants’ time is nothing new. The phrase "Can I steal you for a sec?" is canon for a reason. But if there’s not at least some level of respect for the other people in the house, it’s not going to make you too popular. Particularly if you bring the other man to experience your set-up with you. It’s exactly what Kevin says: "control freakish and weird."

Kevin was pissed about Cam’s intrusion, especially after already being angry about his initial time being stolen from him earlier in the night. Understandably, he didn’t hesitate to start trash talking him to the other guys. He told Cam that he was being ridiculous and coming at this from a weird angle. The confrontation even led to Kevin tossing some nuggets at Cam as he walks away — the ultimate insult.

This may have been our first 2-on-1 date of the season, even if it was a little more spontaneous and manipulative than those tend to be. If Cam keeps putting other people in the house on edge with his aggression, he probably won’t last long in the mansion. There’s something to be said about going after what you want without fear, but he’s eventually going to need some allies in that house, whether he likes it or not.

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