Three anti-ageing hairstyles for grey hair that make you look younger

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Changing your hairstyle can be daunting, especially if it’s one you’ve had for decades. Combine that with your natural grey or white hair colour coming through and you might be resistant to a new style. But several hair experts have shared their favourite and most flattering hairstyles for women who want to embrace their new natural hair colour. 

When visiting a salon, hair stylist Anna McKenna said there are three things to consider before changing your hair; how to style the cut at home, how the colour will change between appointments and what is the best shape for your face. 

“First is knowing what the cut or style will entail with your lifestyle and maintenance,” she said. “You won’t like your grey hair if it’s an overgrown style that appears outdated.” 

Choose a level of maintenance that is realistic for both styling and colouring; how much time do you have to style your hair every day? And how will the colour change between salon appointments as your natural grey hair grows? 

When visiting the salon, ask the stylist how you would go about achieving the same look at home. Discuss the tools you might need to use and what products are best. 

In terms of colour, “ageing hair can have its challenges”, so you want a stylist that is “skilled at lifting the hair and lowlighting for maximum wear”. 

When colouring grey hair, “the key is to match the natural pattern as it grows”. 

Anna suggested grey balayage as a good option for darker roots as it “is the modern solution for natural greys”. 

“This hair colour can be lower maintenance than typical grey coverage. To get this look, consult with your colour specialist if you are a good candidate for this type of colour,” she added. 

Anna continued: “Next would be what looks best with your face shape. It must balance your face shape and profile.”

Choosing the correct hairstyle based on the shape of your face will “showcase your best features for a flattering and complementary appearance”. 

Short spiky pixie 

This short haircut is great for older ladies who are tired of colouring their grey hair and want to cut them off, it’s also “an easy style and looks great all the time”. 

Grey-haired women with short spiky pixie haircuts “screams confidence and sassiness”, stylist Teresa Adams said. 

She explained how “razor and texturising shears” are the best tools to use for short grey hair, but be careful not to over-texturise grey hair as it can “make it look more coarse and frizzy”. 

Bob with side bangs 

A bob is a classic cut that never goes out of style, but add a side bang to frame the face while adding a soft touch. 

The foundation for a bob can be taken in any direction; if you want less hair, fuller-looking hair, volume or texture, all these things can be achieved. It’s best to ask your stylist what type of bob would be best suited for you. 

Stylists also suggest finishing with a glossing polish to add definition to layers and add texture to the front and back. 

If you’re looking to make your hair appear thicker – women’s hair thins as they age – so a layered bob is a “smart choice”. 

Medium layers add fullness and body to fine hair, but thin hair should be trimmed every three weeks because even a little longer will weigh it down, experts say. 

Mid-length wavy 

For anyone who doesn’t want to say goodbye to their long hair, choose a mid-length style. 

“Adding layers can take excess weight off your waves to create a more voluminous medium-length style,” Anna told Latest Hairstyles. 

A salt and pepper colour is great for this hairstyle, ask a stylist for “highlights and lowlights and this will create movement and depth”. 

When styling, “add soft waves with a curling iron and finish off with texture spray”. 

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