Todrick Hall's Biggest Big Brother Regret, What He Really Thinks of Shanna Moakler

The controversial runner-up, who canceled all interviews after exiting the Big Brother house to a very icy reception from his cast-mates, finally sits down to talk about his experience on the show.

Media outlets anticipating their opportunity to chat with the season’s most controversial player were left disappointed after a purported schedule conflict saw Todrick Hall suddenly cancel all press after “Celebrity Big Brother.”

The musician and dancer came in second to MMA fighter Miesha Tate, with the only vote he earned coming from “Real Housewire” Cynthia Bailey, who’d been voted out just moments before the final vote. In other words, she was the only one who’d not had a chance to see and digest all that had been going on in the House.

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Hall emerged quickly as the season’s most dominant force and effective player, but also as its villain for his personal attacks against other Houseguests. Shanna Maokler became a particular favorite target for Hall, who weaponized a traumatizing experience she shared against her and slut-shamed her for her wardrobe.

His aggressive gameplay was one thing, but it was this personal nastiness that emerged that saw fans online, and eventually his fellow Houseguests as they got home and saw the truth of things, turn against him.

Now, nearly a month after exiting the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, Hall finally sat down with ET to talk about his experiences in the House, as well as processing through some of the negative reactions he came out to discover.

“I’m happy with the game I played,” Hall said, conceding, though, “I wish that the personal statements wouldn’t have been said. I wish I wouldn’t have crossed into a personal level.”

Todrick Hall Breaks Silence After Controversial Big Brother Game

He very likely would have won the game had he not gotten so nasty on a personal level because he was playing at a higher level than anyone else in the house, and he eliminated all of those who even began to understand the game almost immediately.

He used winner Tate as a shield and a tool to get them both to the end, as she was an absolute beast in competitions, winning around half of them across the wholes season. The gameplay was superb. The rest of it was a disaster.

In fact, making things so personal is Hall’s “biggest regret.” It probably cost him the game, while it also hurt his public image among those were perhaps weren’t already die-hard fans.

“I think my biggest regret is ever letting the lines of game and reality blur together, and ever saying anything negative to somebody. I actually liked everybody in the house,” he explained.

Some of the season’s nastier personal encounters, including when Hall and Chris Kirkpatrick got into a huge argument over Kirkpatrick flipping allegiances and Hall brought Kirkpatrick’s son into it, were anomalies, according to Hall.

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“That’s really not a part of my character,” he said. “I don’t get into fights with my real friends like that and I just think that it showed me a lot about myself.” Certainly, “Big Brother” creates a pressure cooker environment that is physically, mentally and emotionally draining as you have to be in game mode 24/7.

Hall said that his hope is that he and the other members of the cast can go on to be a part of one another’s lives in the same way past “BB” casts have done, despite sometimes getting into epic fights during their time on the show. “I hope that something similar could happen here because I feel like I really formed a great bond with certain people,” he said.

One of those people, obviously, is Tate, whom Hall says he still communicates with “every day.” More shockingly, he also said that he also enjoyed spending time with Moakler. Theirs was the nastiest feud in the House, though fueled in part by what a huge threat she was to his game.

Hall ultimately concocted a lie/exaggeration that cost Moakler her place in the game, convincing her allies that she was working both sides of the house. For some reason, they opted to believe Hall’s story over Moakler’s actions in proving her loyalty to them, practically shunning her in the house before they evicted her at the next opportunity.

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“I really, really liked her. They didn’t show this, but I was the person rooting for her on the other side of the house for a long time,” Hall told ET. “I thought she had great fashion. We had a lot of real moments. It is unfortunate to me that we are the ones that were butting heads the most. But I think time heals all wounds.”

While Hall did say he “absolutely” has regrets over his treatment of Moakler, he also tried to qualify them by saying that the show’s online Live Feeds were not broadcast at all times, and so they missed many things, leaving viewers “to try to fill in the blanks of what happened during that time.”

“There are certain parts of Shanna and I’s situation that are just completely not true,” he insisted, without offering any specific details. he also asserted that he did not have any issues with her at all until she “started having issues with me first.”

He said he remains hopeful that they can perhaps build a relationship in the future. Ultimately, he is sorry for offending people in the house, but “for me, it was just a game.”

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