Top-tier bimbo on mission to look as fake as possible flaunts curves in undies

A woman who has labelled herself as a “top-tier bimbo” regularly shares scandalous snaps online to show off the work she’s had done.

The woman in question goes by the name Sammi Sprinkles, inspired by the colourful ice cream topping.

She's proud of the plastic surgery she's had done, regularly sharing saucy snaps with her 26,000 followers.

Sammi is a part of the bimbo movement, which is made up of a group of women embracing their own idea of beauty.

Many of them choose to go to extreme lengths to make themselves look as plastic and doll-like as possible.

The influencer is no stranger to the spotlight, as she was previously on an episode of the American TV show Botched, determined for more work to be done.

While she has had numerous surgeries in the past, she went on the show in hopes she could have more work done in hopes it would help her bag a wealthy husband and become a trophy wife.

Sammi told the Botched cameras that she always wanted to look like Anna Nicole Smith and to look as “fake” as possible.

This included making her butt even bigger than it already was as she had come to the conclusion that this was the trick to finding a husband.

Sammi revealed during the consultation the other surgeries she’s had, such as several facial procedures and breast implants.

Dr Dubrow questioned if she had a breast lift as well.

“I have an internal bra,” she admitted, which caused him to ask, “Made of what?”

She explained that she had “a mesh” put in for support as well as some solid butt implants.

After examining Sammi, Dr Dubrow broke the news that he would not perform the Brazilian Butt Lift she wanted and she may have to live with her current backside, which was already considerable.

He explained that the procedure wouldn't be successful because he would have to inject fat in-between the implant and her skin.

Sadly for Sammi, the fat wouldn't stay alive.

He also gave her a stern warning about the risks of continuing to have major procedures done.

Dr Dubrow said: “If you continue on the plastic surgery train the way you are now, the next station is a disaster. Leave it alone. Eh?”

While Sammi was appreciative of her time with the doctors, it was unclear if she would head their advice.

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