Tough-guy jaywalker glares at driver, gets instant karma

If looks could kill — or at least mildly injure — this guy knows it now.

A pedestrian in Ontario was caught on dashcam giving a driver the stink eye, and then walking straight into a pole.

The jaywalker, seen in a video compilation by RR&BD Driving School, stepped into the street, and the driver came to an unexpected halt. The man was so perturbed, he spent the rest of his time crossing the street staring down the driver.

By the time he reached the sidewalk, still glaring, he hit a large pole, face first.

While he surely learned his lesson about the proper duration of a glare, at least he wasn’t texting while crossing the street — a practice that may become illegal in New York, despite it having almost literally nothing to do with pedestrian safety.

The National Safety Council cited “distracted walking” as a major concern last year, noting that “we are losing focus on our surroundings and putting our safety and the safety of others at risk.” They didn’t say, however, whether engaging in judgmental stare-downs counts as distracted walking. But by the looks of it, maybe it should.

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