Tracey Cox: The real reason young hot women date Leonardo DiCaprio

I know the real reasons young hot models go for older lotharios like Leonardo Di Caprio, says TRACEY COX (and it’s not just fame and money)

  • Tracey Cox addresses why young women are attracted to Leo DiCaprio
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She’s 28, stunning, an activist and the first model of Indian descent to be cast in a Burberry campaign.

With beauty and brains, Neelam Gill from Coventry, is an accomplished, formidable woman by anyone’s standards.

So why was she the latest in a long (long) line of hot young models to be linked to the world’s most well-known womaniser, Leonardo DiCaprio?

She’s since denied they’re dating and said she’s in a ‘committed relationship with his good friend’, but the fact is, nobody seemed to think it was odd that she was linked to Leo in the first place.  

This is a woman who can probably pull pretty much anyone she fancies. Why a man who didn’t date anyone over the age of 25 for 20 years?

Why not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a wealthy philanthropist? A famous artist or writer or someone else who is top of their game?

Tracey lists the the ‘obvious perks’ like wealth, fame and attraction, as well as some women having a ‘fixer mentality’ (Pictured: Leonardo DiCaprio)

UK sex expert Tracey Cox (pictured) addresses why bright, beautiful, young women seem incapable of resisting the charms of men like Leonardo DiCaprio

Now 48-years-old, Leo might have broken his own record but with Gigi Hadid reportedly also on the go, he looks unlikely to change his spots anytime soon.

Why do bright, beautiful young women seem incapable of resisting the charms of men like Leo DiCaprio?

To avoid the comments section being full of ‘he’s rich, you silly woman’ comments, let’s start with the blatantly obvious reasons why anyone would want to date a Hollywood movie star.

The obvious perks

Leo’s loaded. More than $300,000 US dollars loaded to be exact.

He’s physically attractive. He might not be everyone’s idea of good-looking, but plenty would agree he ticks the tall, dark and handsome box.

He’s charismatic – on screen and off – and can reportedly charm the pants off, well, a supermodel.

He’s also famous – and the weird thing about famous people is that everyone feels like they know them. We’ve been watching Leo since he first launched himself on the world in Titanic. 

Years later, we’re still watching as he gets kind-of-raped by a bear (Revenant) and fails to save us from the end of the world (Don’t Look Up). All that screen time makes us feel a personal connection even though there isn’t any.

With beauty and brains, Neelam Gill (pictured), is an accomplished, formidable woman by anyone’s standards. So why is she the latest in a long (long) line of hot young models linked to  Leonardo DiCaprio? 

Then there’s his immense social status. Leo’s not just a famous actor, he’s a successful and influential figure in the entertainment industry. Everyone values success.

And he’s had plenty of it.

Supermodels have their own agendas as well

Being linked to Leo guarantees instant media attention: it’s certainly not going to harm her reputation and it could offer up some fantastic networking opportunities.

Before I even start, let’s all openly acknowledge that there are a LOT of reasons to date Leo DiCaprio.

But there’s a lot of reasons NOT to date him as well. Like the predictable heartache at the end.

It all comes at a cost

Leo and Gisele dated for five years (splitting up just after her 25th birthday) but for most it’s a short ride.

It’s clear he has no intention of marrying anytime soon or a desire to commit to a monogamous relationship.

Only dating the young and beautiful is an outward statement of confidence and virility. Keeping those relationships casual means he avoids the responsibility and expectation that usually comes with age.

It’s not just his women that look alike: his relationships are repetitive in every way. He takes them on his yacht, to nightclubs. He fixes them all with his trademark ‘lingering gaze’: stands close and gazes in rapture, letting the model-of-the-moment take centre stage in public. His relationships all run the same course.

There aren’t just red flags for dating Leo, there’s enough bunting to line Hollywood Boulevard many times over.

What’s really going on?

Ask the average 15-year -old and she’ll probably be able to tell you that Leonardo DiCaprio has a serious problem forming intimate relationships.

Why put yourself through it when you’re a supermodel and already have money, fame and open invites to the hottest gigs in town?

What’s the REAL reason why intelligent, accomplished women like Neelam, Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Gisele, Helena Christensen, Demi Moore and Eva Herzigova flock to his side?

I believe far more subtle psychological factors lurk behind the desire to be the one to ‘tame’ the world’s longest reigning Lothario.

A nurturing instinct

Some women have a strong nurturing instinct and believe they can bring out the best in others – even those like Leo with a questionable dating history.

They’re so emotionally mature and caring, they can work their magic on the most confirmed bachelor.

Throw in a belief in redemption and a dash of misguided optimism and hope and you have the reason why some people pursue dead-end relationships despite the challenges.

Beneath Leo’s distant, player exterior, there’s a person who can change for the better. All they need is the right support and love and the ‘true’ them will be coaxed out.

Then there are less altruistic reasons.

Who doesn’t like a challenge?

Conquering the heart of someone seen as unattainable or difficult to tame is a challenge too hard to resist for some people.

It’s enticing, exciting. Imagine if you DID manage to get Leo on his knees (for more innocent reasons than usual).

Tracy adds that not everyone is after a Leo-type lethario, even with the obvious perks that money and fame offer (Pictured: One of Leo’s famous exes, model Gisele Bündchen)

How special would YOU look!

A massive shot of self-validation and self-worth

Amal Clooney didn’t just nab the most famous bachelor in the world, she became seen as the better catch. He’s lucky to have her, rather than the other way around.

Imagine! Become Leo’s wife and you’re one of the most special women in the world! You’ve beaten the best of the world’s beauties to get the prize!

You’re kinder, cleverer, more desirable and charismatic: name the quality you want to believe won Leo’s heart and people will believe it.

The fantasy and romanticism are irresistible

The transformative love story is perpetuated in the media and literature: untameable boy meets the right girl and turns into a doting husband and father.

Being able to change someone for the better is appealing (even if it rarely aligns with reality).

And even if Leo’s relationships are all with a seemingly interchangeable steady stream of young women, it doesn’t mean the emotional connection is always one-sided.

In some cases, there is a deep connection between the unattainable person and the person they’re dating. They might also believe this level of love and understanding is powerful enough to change them for good.

Until it doesn’t.

A long track record of leaving when demands are made generally predicts the future of new relationships as well.

A fixer mentality

Some people spend their lives searching for ‘people projects’: they feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction helping others overcome challenges or personal issues.

A man is only a lothario because of past emotional wounds and insecurities. They feel compassion and want to heal them.

Wanting to fix can also be a by-product of past trauma or unresolved issues. By healing others, they unconsciously hope they can heal their own wounds.

Neelam has an abusive ex-boyfriend who killed another girlfriend and then himself. She’s done a TED talk on domestic violence talking about her experiences. And she’s not the only supermodel to have a not-so-glamorous background or past.

Some women are immune to Leo

Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, open communication and shared values. Trustworthiness, loyalty and emotional connection are more important for most of us.

Not everyone’s after a Leo, even with the obvious perks that money and fame offer.

Attempting to change someone’s fundamental nature and behaviour is an emotionally exhausting and daunting prospect for the average person.

But then we aren’t supermodels.

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