Trailer released for Hitler spoof ‘Jojo Rabbit’ starring Scarlett Johansson

New Zealand-born director Taika Waititi has released the full trailer for his “anti-hate spoof” film “Jojo Rabbit” — which is sure to be controversial and stars Scarlett Johansson.

Set in Germany during World War II, the story centers on a young boy called Jojo Rabbit, played by newcomer Roman Griffin Davis, whose imaginary friend happens to be Adolf Hitler.

The satire is meant to shows the absurdity of the dictator — who is presented as a bratty buffoon — and the culture of hate that brought him to power. The writer-director apparently pulls no punches doing so.

In the trailer, Jojo confronts the fanaticism of far too many of his countrymen when he learns his mother, played by Johansson, is hiding a young Jewish girl in their home.

It seems as if through getting to know the girl, he starts to learn that Jewish people are just people and doesn’t understand the dictator’s hatred of them.

The film, featuring performances by Rebel Wilson, Stephen Merchant and Oscar winner Sam Rockwell, will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival before coming to theaters Oct. 18.

Next up for Waititi will be a sequel to his blockbuster movie, “Thor: Ragnarok,” titled “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which opens in 2021.

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