True Crime Lovers Will Kill for These Gifts

We all have that friend. Oh, who are we kidding — we are that friend. You know the type: would rather hang out at home in PJs listening to true crime podcasts or watching shows like Snapped than hit up an overcrowded club. Or who, when they do go out, spends the entire night sizing up potential serial killers at the bar. Their idea of stimulating conversation would probably make most people’s stomachs turn, and their parents have probably casually floated the idea of therapy their direction more than once.

Yes, we’re talking about the true-crime lover in your life. If you fall under that umbrella too, you probably call yourself a murderino. If you don’t, you probably have no idea what that means. Either way, we’ve got you covered when it comes to shopping for the true-crime aficionado in your life (if that just so happens to be you, no judgment).

Our browser history may soon get flagged by the feds for suspicious search activity, but we scoured the internet for some of the coolest gifts you can get your favorite true crime lover. From vintage prints that’ll delight their dark and nerdy heart to merch from their favorite true crime podcasts, the following items will surely be a hit.

Fingerprint ID System Patent Print

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that serve as a subtle nod to an obsession. Not only will this vintage print of a 1926 fingerprint identification system patent look cool on any wall, but it’ll also make your friend feel like a DIY detective.

‘Lock Your F**king Door’ Keychain

I mean, right? Every true crime aficionado knows this — but could also use the reminder on a daily basis so they don’t end up the subject of a true crime podcast. Gotta stay sexy and not get murdered! Plus, we love that the tassel comes in a choice of 22 colors.

Cats & True Crime Tote Bag

Cats, true time, tote bags — what’s not to love? This canvas dream combines three things that will likely resonate with any murderino.

Vintage ‘Cereal Killer’ Spoon

Obviously, just because a person is obsessed with true crime doesn’t mean they actually wish harm on anyone. Really, it’s the opposite — we’re fascinated with the idea of figuring out what makes killers tick so they can be stopped. Still, this “cereal killer” spoon is pretty hilarious, no?

Introverted T-Shirt

We’ll take one of these cheeky true-crime introvert tees in every color, please.

Crime Scene Cookie Cutter

You’ve gotta be slightly off-center to love this crime scene cookie cutter, which is probably we we’re hopelessly obsessed. Just imagine how creative you can get with frosting!

Hunt a Killer Box

C’mon, how much fun is this? Instead of taking a passive true-crime-obsessed approach, put your friend in the driver’s seat with a box that tasks them with helping to solve a murder. It’s like a totally immersive board game experience that’ll liven up any night in.

‘The Girls’ by Emma Cline

Cline’s debut novel is the most fascinating kind of coming-of-age story for true crime lovers — one that follows the infamous “girls” at the center of the Mansion murders.

2020 Desk Calendar

A desk calendar that features some of the most notorious and iconic serial killers of our time — Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc. — might seem like a nightmare for some people. But the true-crime lover, it’ll feel like the only acceptable way to count down their days.

Crime Scene Gift Bundle

If you really want to take the guesswork out of giving a true crime lover an ideal gift, go for this crime scene bundle. Crime scene tape, crime scene sandwich bags, a UV keychain light, a UV fluorescent marking pen, a light stick, assorted evidence labels, paper evidence bags, a crime scene lanyard, a coffee mug, a luminol experiment kit (oh yes!) and toe tags — this kit has it all.

True Crime Doormat

If you ring the doorbell of a person’s home only to look down and see this doormat, know two things: they watch a lot of true crime show (and probably listen to true crime podcasts, too) and you’re almost certainly on hidden camera.

‘True Crime Glass of Wine’ Sweatshirt

True crime, glass of wine, in bed by nine. If you have a friend who fits this description, this sweatshirt will undoubtedly be put into heavy rotation in their wardrobe.

‘Serial’ Notebook

If your true-crime lover has any aspirations of starting their own podcast one day, they surely were inspired along the way by Serial — the podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig that practically kicked off the true-crime podcast hysteria. This notebook will give them a way to both honor that podcast pioneer and jot down notes for their own.

Oxygen Crime Scene Blanket

Your true-crime-loving pal needs something to cozy up in while they’re curled up on the couch binge-watching Oxygen’s true-crime tales, right? This Sherpa throw blanket from the network is the perfect accomplice.   

Jeffrey Dahmer Cutting Board

Granted, this might put some people right off their meal. But the true crime love will get a giggle every time they go to slice and dice atop this cutting board engraved with the likeness of Jeffrey Dahmer and one of his most apropos (for this gift) quotes: “… start eating at home more.”

Serial Killer Card Deck

Talk about a conversation starter! When your true-crime friend busts these playing cards out at a party, it’ll give them a chance to flex their knowledge about 54 of the country’s most notorious serial killers, from Ed Gein to the Boston Strangler and every dark soul in between.

Investigation Discovery Inspired Wines

Has there ever been a more perfect gift for a true crime fan that frickin’ wine straight from Investigation Discovery?! We’re partial to the My, My, My Merlot — inspired by I.D.’s very own Homicide Hunter Joe Kenda.

‘Murderino’ Shirt

Any self-respecting fan of the My Favorite Murder podcast already knows the meaning of murderino — but they’ll get a real kick out of wearing a shirt that shares that definition with the world. Loud and proud, murderinos… loud and proud.

‘Party’ Mug

Raise your hand if you recently turned down the invitation to do, well, anything else so that you could stay home and plow through Netflix’s The Devil Next Door. Yeah, us too — which is why we’re getting one of these mugs for ourselves, too.

‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer’

The late Michelle McNamara was truly brilliant, and I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is testament to as much. Her riveting investigation of the “Golden State Killer” will have any true-crime fan hooked — and hoping, as McNamara was convinced, that the killer is still alive just so he can be caught and brought to justice.

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