Twitter tracks down mystery couple in viral proposal photos

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For a refreshing twist, Twitter banned together to do some good.

A photographer visiting San Francisco’s Sutro Baths captured a heartwarming wedding proposal. The problem? She didn’t know the couple — so she turned to Twitter for help.

Valerie Contreras was visiting her friends in the Bay Area who took her to watch the sunset and snap some photos of the ocean on June 19.

When they got to the beach, they noticed a couple walking around all dressed up. Contreras told The Post that she suspected an engagement was going to happen as she watched the man walking around the area continuously touching his pocket.

That’s when the Texas-based photographer decided to set up her gear “and sure enough, the beautiful moment happened.”

“It was honestly such a genuine and feel-good moment,” Contreras said of the emotional moment. “They both looked so happy and in love.”

While the pair had clearly found love, Contreras, who was far away using her zoom lens, was on a mission to find the lovebirds to give them the sweet snaps. And since she didn’t know the happy couple, she took to Twitter.

“I literally thought to myself, ‘I’ll have Twitter help me find them,’ and they did,” she said.

Within a few hours of the photos being posted on Twitter, they went viral and Contreras was connected to Ricky Johnson Jr. and Jazmine Winn.

The now-viral tweet now has over 691,000 likes and 94,000 retweets since Contreras posted the photos on June 21 with the caption: “HELP ME FIND THIS COUPLE!”

She followed up, tweeting: “I would really love to send them all the photos I was able to get from their special moment.”

In the end, Contreras thanked the Twitterverse: “You all are… powerful humans… I can’t believe we found them thank you all so much!!!”

Contreras also posted the pictures to Instagram where she updated her followers on the journey to find the mystery couple.

Johnson and Winn met through their Sacramento church a little over two years ago when he offered to help Winn, who is a teacher, grade papers.

The Ohio native told The Post that he “knew very early on that I wanted to marry her and finally began planning the proposal about a month ago.”

Although Contreras caught on to what was happening while watching from afar, Winn did not. Johnson said that he takes Winn on nice dates often and a graduation photo shoot that was happening at the proposal location helped distract from his intentions.

Remembering the emotional moment, Johnson said he was “hoping neither one of us fell into the water as it’s really windy in San Francisco and the walkway to the spot was very small.”

But once the couple was in the perfect spot, he knew it was destiny.

“I had a really warm feeling because I was about to tell the love of my life that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I knew she would be really happy and excited,” he said.

Johnson had hired a photographer to capture the special moment but was happy to have the extra, candid shots — and the well wishes.

“We were so surprised by the number of people congratulating us and sending us warm wishes. We also were stunned by how they located us within only a couple hours,” he said, adding the couple has “no complaints.”

Johnson told SFGate that he and his now-fiancée were together when she got a text from a friend, informing them that they had gone viral.

“I don’t know how the internet works, and I don’t know how they found us, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack,” Johnson said.

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