Uni student takes revenge on couple having loud sex with window open next door

A student has gone viral on TikTok after taking revenge on a couple for having "loud sex" in the flat next door to his accommodation.

Windsor Jr shared a clip on the app of his pal grabbing a mop to whack his neighbour's window after they kept hearing the moans of passion coming from the flat next door.

Once the Coventry University student was certain they'd received the message, he quickly retreated away from sight and pulled the mop back into his kitchen, as the text reads: "This is what happens here when u have loud seggs in the accomm."

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The clip, which has received more than 42,000 likes, was captioned: "This guy is sick."

TikTok users were left in hysterics over the clip as many even claimed that they have had to do the same before — but it can either make it better or worse.


Another wrote: "I did something similar and they went louder."

In reference to Cardi B's track 'WAP', a third quipped: "Brings new meaning to 'get a bucket and a mop'".

A fourth joked: "Just let them get on with it. It’ll only be a minute."

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The news comes after a disgruntled neighbour captured the hilarious moment a couple were screaming so loud during sex that they woke up the whole street.

The pair's excessively loud pleasure sounds were heard all the way across the street by a TikTok user who captured the moment on video and posted it online.

A woman’s grunts and moans echoed from the second-floor apartment, getting louder and louder throughout the video, which has now gained more than 10,000 views.


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