Usher Called Out For Using Fake Money With His Face On It

Everyone works hard for their money, regardless of what field of work they are in. It’s tough to imagine putting in a long shift and being paid with fake money, but as Complex reports, that’s precisely what has just happened to some exotic dancers in a private club, and they’re pointing a finger at Usher for this questionable behavior. It’s tough to imagine someone as rich and famous as Usher not being able to afford to pay properly and fairly for his extra curricular activities, so many people were left wondering why he would try to evade payment of any kind. As it turns out, he’s wasn’t being evasive at all. Adding insult to injury in this matter was the fact that Usher had his face printed right onto the fake money that he was throwing around.

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When a dancer that goes by the name of Pisces set out to work at the exotic club one night, she imagined she’d be coming home with some cold hard cash, as she did on other nights. She had no idea the money she’d make that evening would be fake, and utterly useless.

Usher set out for a night of fun in Las Vegas and had a whole lot of money to spend. Unlimited funds. After all, he is worth a jaw-dropping $180 million. One would assume that his deep pockets would leave him completely unaffected by a night of fun at the club, but it seems Usher had a different idea in mind, and had no intentions with even parting with one dollar of his own cash.

Instead, he thought it appropriate to throw wads of bills in the denominations of $1, $20 and $100, all of which were specially printed with his face on them.

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Understandably, Pisces was infuriated when she discovered that her hard work was all for nothing and she hadn’t earned any money by entertaining Usher for the evening. She took her rage to social media, slamming Usher publicly for his incredibly rude and distasteful actions. Hot 97 reports Pisces has said this is why she despises entertaining celebrities. She called Usher “so disrespectful” and went on to say; “This is foul! Working so hard to get nothing in return, this is a joke! Their job is to entertain, take your cheap (self) back home.”

The irony lies in the fact that he, too, is an entertainer. Of all the people walking through that club, he should have been the most aware of the work that goes in to performing and entertaining, and fans would have thought his approach would have been very different.

As far as a response goes, Usher did sent an inadvertent message to Pisces shortly after she blasted him online. He posted an image of himself with a hat made out of “money” and then went ahead and turned off the comments on his Instagram page. Just… like… that.

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