Warning: Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s "Senorita" Video Will Make You Thirsty

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are starting off the summer right with their new collaboration "Señorita." The song dropped on the summer solstice, June 21, and Mendes and Cabello’s "Señorita" music video is keeping things appropriately hot and steamy. Unlike their first collab, 2015’s "I Know What You Did Last Summer," the "Señorita" video doesn’t portray a couple with distance between them. Instead, there couldn’t possibly be less space between Mendes and Cabello when they’re getting sexy in their new vid. So you will be singing "ooh-la-la-la" along with the pair as you watch … and needing to cool yourself down after watching. Cause after the "Señorita" music video, how could you not?

Dating rumors have swirled around Cabello and Mendes for years and "Señorita" certainly isn’t going to change that. But whether or not they are just friends as they claim, these singers know how to put on a show. The video features a motorcycle-riding Mendes infatuated with Cabello’s reluctant waitress. After a short-lived dance in a club that Cabello puts to an end, the two go to a motel for a tryst when Mendes visits her at the restaurant she works at. But their affair is not meant to be — even if both they and viewers want more — and they go their separate ways in the end.

Most people’s reaction to the outrageously sexy video is that it has either temporarily killed them or kept them living due to Mendes and Cabello’s attractiveness and chemistry. Because the video is pretty much a three-minute-and-twenty-six-seconds-long thirst trap. And fans aren’t complaining.

Many fans are also skipping any formalities by asking when are these two going to get together (or admit publicly that they are together). Over the years, Cabello and Mendes have maintained that they never dated and are, in fact, just friends. In 2016 Mendes told People that they were never an item, saying, "We’re just really close friends. She is one of those people who is just very easy to connect with and still, to this day, is one of my greatest friends."

That said, no amount of denials from Mendes or Cabello could stop fans form speculating about their relationship, especially after Cabello seemed to reference all the speculation surrounding their relationship status in "Señorita." She scandalously sings, "You say we’re just friends/But friends don’t know the way you taste, la-la-la." And that line most definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

For all the seductiveness in the video, the pair never seem to kiss. But astute viewers did find a moment where Mendes and Cabello actually lock lips. It’s intercut with other scenes and a bit out of focus, so the secretiveness of it all is only fueling the fandom that wants to see Shawmila together.

Regardless of their relationship status (since that’s their personal business, after all), there’s no denying that "Señorita" is the sultriest song of the summer so far. These friends have come a long way since "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the "Señorita" video elevates their collaboration status to a whole new sexy level.

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