We quit our jobs, left the city and built a brand new home for just £30,000 – here's how we did it | The Sun

A COUPLE have revealed how they built a £30,000 home after escaping the rat race.

Guy Erlacher-Downing, 27, and his wife Viki, 29, upped sticks from Brighton to move into an eco community to be closer to nature.

Now they're raising six-month old Leon alongside others on an idyllic 44 acre commune in rural England.

Viki, an academic, explained: "We decided to take the plunge in March 2020 during the first lockdown.

"We were living in Brighton but kept brainstorming on how we could live closer to nature.

"But living full-time in a 'normal' flat would feel quite lonely, limiting and disconnected from nature."

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The pair found their new home at Landmatters Permaculture Co-op in Totnes, Devon, where residents grow their own food among ancient woodland and hedgerows.

The couple – who met in 2016 – spent time volunteering with other families already living at the cooperative.

The pair were then offered a trial membership within the community in April last year.

Now, with the help of others, they are building their own timber house from locally sourced wood.

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They reckon the total cost of the building will come to just £30,000, which they are paying off with their savings.

The house – complete with stunning wood flooring – features a log stove with a hot ring for pots, pans and a kettle.

Running water allows them to have a sink and they cook off a gas hob.

The family have even got gym equipment – including weights and an exercise ball.

Viki – who is writing a PhD on climate change and mental health – added: "We have been super busy on the project, but it is weirdly relaxing at the same time."

But despite being off grid in the middle of nowhere, they do still enjoy modern creature comforts.

Viki explained: "We still enjoy watching films and series so we might finish the day by streaming an episode or two of whatever we are watching at that moment."

The pair moved to the plot for environmental reasons and to discover a life closer to nature.

Asked whether they'd ever return to the rat race, Viki said: "We can't see ourselves going back to are old life unless we absolutely had to."

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