What Is Craig Conover From 'Southern Charm' Looking For In a Woman And Which Cast Member Would He Marry (Shag and Kill)?

Craig Conover from Southern Charm is one of Bravo’s most eligible bachelors. The handsome lawyer turned textile guru has been single for some time and hasn’t quite found that special someone.

Conover was seriously dating Naomie Olindo, but the two parted ways when Conover seemed to meander in his career choices. Conover recently told The Cheat Sheet he briefly moved to the Bahamas after the breakup which helped him heal and move on from the relationship.

But now that Conover is dating, what does Charleston’s most eligible bachelor want in a woman? Also, during the Watch What Happens Live After Show, he was tasked with trying to decide which cast member would he marry, shag or kill.

Attraction goes beyond the physical

When the WWHL After Show caller posed the question, host Andy Cohen wanted to start by finding out what Conover wanted physically. But the notion of trying to pinpoint physical characteristics seemed to make Conover a little uncomfortable.

Cohen tried to give him a springboard for a description. “Like how tall should she be?” But Conover said he wasn’t going to go there. “No, I’m not going there,” he winced.

But added, “I would say conviction,” he asserted. “You are who you are. I like someone when I meet them, that’s who they are.” In addition to Olindo, Conover has dated a variety of gorgeous women, but didn’t seem to have a specific “type” either.

When pressed he shares more specifics

Thankfully Cohen won’t let Conover off the hook with that answer. “Physical beauty?” Conover asks. “I’m a face guy. And then I’m an ass guy. Then I’m a boob guy.” Cohen repeats Conover’s list to make sure he has his ranking down.

Conover expands on his list. “Face guy because I have to be attracted to her face.” This answer seems to satisfy Cohen but he wants to know more. “Big boobs or small boobs?” he asks. Conover says he prefers a “small C.” He also says he doesn’t mind fake boobs either.

When it comes to a caboose, Conover says he likes someone who is in shape. “Tight [butt],” he explains. “Like a dancer body. Toned.”

Then he leaves this surprise behind

As Conover ponders what he wants in a woman he adds that he wants someone who can give it back to him. “Be mean to me, I don’t know,” he mumbles. Cohen seems surprised. “Be mean to you?” He adds he likes the flirting too.

Earlier in the show, Conover was also asked to name who he’d shag, marry or kill from the cast. He had Chelsea Meissner, Naomi Olindo, and Kathryn Dennis as his choices.

Conover puts his head down saying that his answer is going to be shocking. “This is so f**ked up,” he says. “Ok, I was going to say marry Chelsea. Have sex with Naomi,” he says grinning and looking at the floor. But when it came to “kill Kathryn” he didn’t like his answer. “But I like Kathryn so much,” Conover says looking sad. Cohen adds he knows he loves her but it’s a game.

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