What is holistic healing as Lauren Goodger attends session amid ‘Charles reunion fears’

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger is putting her past behind her as she attended a ‘holistic healing session’ in Billericay, Essex.

Lauren, who recently attended an awards ceremony for inspirational women, can be seen in a clip posted by psychic medium and healer Chantelle Morton, who runs the Holistic Guidance centre, with a crystal on her head and her eyes shut.

In the caption, healer Chantelle explains that she’s “pulling out an energy blockage” from Lauren, which she advises can cause a lack of mental clarity and difficulty making decisions.

Chantelle’s healing technique seems to be a form of Reiki, which is a Japanese technique that uses gentle hand movements over the client’s body to promote the flow of healthy “life force energy.”

This energy is often referred to as “chi.”

Reiki aims to promote wellbeing and reduce stress in the body and has its roots in the Buddhist religion and east Asian traditions.

However, there’s no scientific evidence the treatment works or that an energy like “chi” even exists in the body.

Chantelle also offers tarot card readings, life coaching and soundbath treatments to her clients.

A soundbath is a kind of musical therapy that sees the patient or group of patients lie down, close their eyes and immerse themselves in reverberating or repeating sounds.

The treatment hopes to block out all other thoughts of stress and anxiety as you metaphorically “bathe” in the sound.

Chantelle also acts as a medium and describes herself as “clairvoyant" – meaning she's supposedly able to contact the dead.

After her Reiki treatment, Lauren posted on Instagram to thank Chantelle and added that she was now “exhausted.”

Lauren is no doubt hoping to recuperate after an extremely difficult 2022.

The TOWIE star tragically lost her newborn daughter Lorena on 6 July 2022, just minutes after her birth.

Lauren went into labour and was advised to stay at home whilst it progressed, but when a midwife visited some time later she struggled to find a heartbeat for Lorena.

Lauren was rapidly transferred to hospital in an ambulance and gave birth within two hours – but doctors were unable to save her daughter’s life.

The mum later said that Lorena had had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, which Doctors told her cost her her daughter's life.

Lauren also split up with ex boyfriend Charles Drury in summer 2022, who is dad to both Lorena and Lauren’s first daughter Larose, after she suspected him of being unfaithful.

Charles was also arrested on suspicion of assault in August 2022 – allegedly on the day of their daughter’s funeral.

It’s since been reported that Lauren may be back together with Charles and a source claimed that she was unwilling to cooperate with the police investigation.


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