Which Spouse Has the Higher Net Worth: 'The Good Place' Creator Michael Schur or 'Single Parents' Producer J.J. Philbin?

Few in the entertainment industry have made a name for themselves in the way that actor, director, creator, and producer, Michael Schur has. However, Schur’s success is rivaled by that of his wife, producer, and creator, J.J. Philbin. Who has a higher net worth between the two?

Michael Schur is a part of the NBC dynasty

Micheal Schur started his career with ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Weekend Update

You wouldn’t think a Harvard English major would heard to the entertainment industry, but that’s exactly what Michael Schur did. In 1998, Schur pivoted his talents to writing for Saturday Night Live. The move paid off garnering the Weekend Update producer an Emmy Award.

While SNL is impressive enough, Schur became a part of the original writing team for The Office. Schur even starred in the sitcom as Dwight Schrute’s beet farming cousin, Mose Schrute.

Schur abandoned The Office after he and Greg Daniels finished the pilot for Parks and Recreation, then eventually, Brooklyn Nine-Nine with co-writer, Daniel J. Goor.

And finally, Schur’s latest trophy comes via NBC’s The Good Place, which concluded its fourth and final season in January 2020. The show was well-received by fans and critics alike.

That aside, Schur’s other credits include Black Mirror, Sunnyside, and more.

J.J. Philbin is more than Regis Philbin’s daughter

Legendary talk show host and personality, Regis Philbin, died on July 24, 2020. He left behind his second wife, Joy, of 50 years, and four children. One of those children — Jennifer Joy Philbin, or J.J. for short — went on to somewhat follow in her father’s footsteps while making a name for herself in the industry.

J.J. Philbin attended the University of Notre Dame (where her father was laid to rest) before launching her career as a writer for Mad TV, followed by a stint writing for SNL alongside Schur.

By 2002, Philbin garnered more credits like That Was Then, Dead Like Me, and The O.C. With a few other projects through the years (like Heroes and Coupling), it was her job as Consulting Producer for Fox’s New Girl that opened the door to bigger things. By 2018, Philbin co-created the hit ABC sitcom, Single Parents.

Philbin and Schur married in 2005 and they have two children.

Which spouse has a higher net worth?

Both Schur and Philbin have full resumes with hit shows. However, Philbin’s estimated net worth is somewhere between $1 million to $10 million, depending on the site. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Schur’s net worth is upwards of $100 million making him the highest earner of the two. However, there’s no doubt both are equally creative and successful in their own right.

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