Will there be a second series of My Mum Your Dad? Everything we know so far

My Mum Your Dad burst onto our screens earlier this month, and it quickly became a beloved show.

Over the course of two weeks, viewers were treated to the heartwarming journey of 12 single parents as they embarked on a quest to find love, all while their children played matchmakers.

At the end of the series, the audience witnessed the blossoming of two beautiful love stories: Roger Hawes and Janey Smith, and Sharon Benson and Elliot Davidson, who found deep connections that extended beyond friendship.

While some participants left the experiment as close friends rather than romantic partners, the show captured hearts across the nation.

As for the burning question on everyone's mind—will there be a second series of My Mum Your Dad?

At this moment, ITV has not officially confirmed whether a second series is in the works. The show undeniably made its mark on our TV schedules, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting more heartwarming tales of love and connection.

Fans of the show might also be wondering if there will be a My Mum Your Dad reunion episode. Regrettably, there hasn't been any confirmation regarding a reunion.

However, since the series ended, contestants have been updating their relationship statuses on social media. It seems that Roger and Janey, as well as Elliott and Sharon, are still going strong, sharing sweet images on Instagram to confirm their happy relationships.

On a slightly sadder note, Paul Edwards, 47, and Natalie Russell, 44 who were part of the show, decided to end their romantic relationship after the series concluded.

"I try not to put expectations on anything because I think quite often we might end up disappointed. It was all definitely better than I had imagined in my mind," she told OK! exclusively.

However, finding love and a fun connection was the aim of the game, thanks to their children's applications, but for Natalie it just didn't go as plan long term, as she added she's ready to be "signed up" again for the next series.

She said: "I won't go into huge detail about our split because I think that for both of us, it is really respectful to not. I'm big on not airing people's dirty laundry but sometimes things just don't align. I had an experience there and for me, it was so genuine.”

Despite this, they remain friends, demonstrating that sometimes, even if romantic love doesn't blossom, genuine connections can still be formed.

So, while a reunion episode may not be in the cards, the love stories and friendships forged on My Mum Your Dad continue to thrive in their own unique ways.

From ‘secrets’ girls trips to music festivals, to couples wine nights and baby showers – the MMYD stars have been continuing to enjoy each other's company in the outside world.

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