Woman banned from Burger King after complaining about stingy ice-cream portions

A fuming Burger King customer has been banned from her local restaurant – because she complained about "stingy" ice cream servings.

Susan Simms made her feelings known at an outlet in Havant, Hants, but her complaint landed her in hot water.

The 64-year-old was told she wasn't welcome back because her reaction made staff "uncomfortable".

She told workers she was unhappy after paying £1.29 for a large pot of vanilla ice cream, only to receive what she believed was a 'ridiculous' small serving.

She returned to a restaurant a month later where the same thing happened after she was served by a different member of staff.

However as she was leaving the restaurant, she said a manager came to her and told her she was banned because her attitude made staff 'uncomfortable'.

NHS admin worker Ms Simms has been visiting the Burger King restaurant for 14 years, amassing almost 200 visits to the same restaurant. She has regularly ordered ice cream when eating there.

She said: "I'm a nice person and I don't behave angrily in any way shape or form.

"I complained because for some unknown reason they were giving out short measures. Now I feel like I've been belittled and treated like I'm nothing.

"It has made me really shaky and upset, I've lost my confidence."

Ms Simms said she and friend Michael Duval, who visited the restaurant together regularly, were told they cannot return again until she apologises.

But Ms Simms has said she will not bow to pressure, instead vowing to take the complaint further.

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