Woman disgusted by neighbour scrawling note on car bonnet in parking row

A woman was horrified to discover that an angry neighbour had scrawled a “disgusting” note on the bonnet of her elderly parents’ car.

The “sickened” daughter, from Sydney, Australia, posted on her local Facebook community page to explain what had happened.

She claimed that her parents were visiting her home to babysit their three grandchildren while she was away for the weekend.

The couple parked on their daughter’s driveway as her mother had mobility issues: however, in doing so they accidentally blocked part of the pavement.

Rather than avoid the car or walk around it, one neighbour chose to vandalise the vehicle instead, reports news.com.au.

They wrote the word “footpath” on the white car with permanent marker.

In the anonymous Facebook post, the daughter said: “My dad parked in our driveway to help my mother get closer access to the house given her abilities.

"In doing so, they were blocking the footpath but walkers could still walk around the back of the car.

“I totally understand the concerns of blocking the footpath but to write with permanent marker all over their front bonnet is disgusting erratic behaviour and I’m absolutely sickened to think a person such as this lives nearby.”

The mum also claimed her dad was going to move the car once her mother was inside.

However, he was unable to do so as the children needed constant supervision from the get go.

She continued: “This is vandalism and is illegal!

“I feel so sorry for this person in every way as they would have had so much hatred at the thought of walking around a car to go home and get a marker, come back and vandalise a car.

“Just WOW!

“Next time be a big enough person to ring the doorbell and advise [us] directly so we can fix this in an amicable way and you can walk the straight path that you so desire.

“Or if you wish to remain anonymous, write it on PAPER!”

And, while many of us would be fuming at the vandalism – some weren’t on her side.

One such neighbour said: “Vandalism is illegal, but so is parking across the footpath.

“If the mother has mobility issues, then they should have had more awareness themselves."

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"Don’t block the footpath. Easy as", another added.

But, some clearly understood her outrage.

One person said: “What a bitter, sad person who did this. I pity their miserable existence!"

As another added: “Wow I can’t believe someone did this what an a***hole! Your poor parents! I hope they are okay and not too upset.”

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