Woman freaked out after discovering complete stranger living in her garage

A woman was stunned to find out a stranger had been living in her garage for months.

Kate Dood, from Australia, said she shared the bizarre story to her now-fiancé, Mat, on their first date.

"It started because I was moving out and I had to pack up all of my cr*p, so my housemate at the time asked me why I had so much stuff in the garage," she said in a TikTok video.

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"I replied that I have nothing in there because I'm scared of spiders and that is obviously where they live.

"She proceeded to tell me that all the stuff in the garage wasn't hers, so she marched me down there and it was so obvious that someone had totally set up shop."

Sharing a photo she took inside the garage, they found rubbish and personal hygiene products around a sofa.

Kate explained: "This person had slippers under this old sofa that we had in there, there was a sleeping bag and a pillow, a bucket where she must have been washing herself, towels hanging, toothbrush, mouthwash, it was wild.

"We called the police and ended up locking the garage and putting a sign up basically saying 'hey you can grab your stuff but call us and we will do that'.

"The next day we saw this lady pull the sign off the garage door and storm away.

"She was p***ed off, I'm not too sure what happened to her after that.

"But let me tell you this woman was so incredibly dressed, so savvy, props to her for finding a place that was not getting used at all."

Viewers were appalled as many said they would have freaked out.

"You were too kind, I would have burned all her s*** and waited for her to come 'home' and see," one wrote.

A second commented: "The audacity she had though to be mad that she was being kicked out."

But some said Kate should have compassion towards homeless people and suggested she could leave a note there rather than locking her out.


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