Woman hilariously changes the captions of Instagram pics of her ex-boyfriends

Heartbreak is hard. But purging every trace of your ex on social media can be the first step towards healing.

But what if you look cute in some of your old pics with your ex? One woman has found that deleting is not always the answer.

Rosie from Singapore decided that instead of removing the old pics, she would simply update the captions to make them more honest.

But the new edit underneath reads: ‘He broke up with me the next day!’

The second pic shows her kissing an ex’s cheek: ‘Like if you think I can do better.’

Underneath she added: ‘Edit: He broke up with me through Facebook messenger so yes, I can do better.’

The final pic was taken with a beautiful city skyline as the backdrop: ‘

Rosie’s tweet has been liked more than 57,000 times and she has even inspired other women to look back over their old pics to do the same.

One Instagram user edited an old pic that had the original caption: ‘Happy two year anniversary and new year to my love. I’m so excited for our future together, I know we are going to do amazing things! Thank you for making me smile everyday and for all of your support an motivation.’

The edit told a different story: ‘I had to post things like this or else he didn’t believe that I loved him and he would cheat on me because he felt “insecure”. This was the third time I dyed my hair red bc I was desperately seeking attention bc things weren’t OK.’

Lots of people have praised Rosie for being so honest on social media, where people usually only show off a perfectly curated version of themselves which doesn’t always reflect real life.

‘You’re an icon,’ said one commenter. Another added: ‘This is a damn smart thing to do.’

Rosie went on to explain exactly why she edited her captions.

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