Woman kicks sand in mans face after seeing him sitting 10ft away on empty beach

A woman has found a cheeky way to get back at a man who was sitting close to her on an empty beach.

Korynne was not feeling comfortable when she woke up to see a man sun-bathing at a close distance from her and she was convinced that the man was stalking her.

In a video she posted on TikTok, she said: "When an old man parks himself 10ft in front of your towel on a completely empty beach while you were napping and you know what needs to be done."

She pans the camera across the quiet beach, showing no other visitors but the man in front of him.

Korynne then puts down her phone and turns to the selfie camera as she gets up and starts running towards the sea.

As she runs past the man, who is lying on his beach towel facing downwards, she purposely kicks the sand to the man's back.

He quickly turns around and watches her heading to the water and the video cuts to show him packing his belongings and leaving the area.

"Promise I’ll make you more uncomfortable than you make me, also my flat feet grip sand as good as a shovel," she added in the caption.

Since she posted, it stirred a debate online as people argued the man had done nothing done in a public beach.

"He was literally minding his own business tanning till she ran right by him and kick sand in his face," one said.

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A second asked: "Didn't know you own the whole beach?"

Others said Korynne did the best thing for herself, with a viewer pointing out: "He sat right in front of her and you can see him looking at her. She had every right to do what she did!"

"This was so satisfying, that's what he deserves," another commented. "I'm totally doing this next time, thanks for the tip."

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