Woman mocked over engagement ring that looks like ‘sperm around her finger’

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments of anyone's life, so there's no reason why they shouldn't scream and shout about it on social media.

But when one woman posted a photo of her engagement ring on Facebook, it was instantly shared on a wedding shaming group and it didn't go down well with others.

The gold ring appears to have been designed to look like a snake, with a diamond-studded head and the thin tail wrapping around her ring finger.

Along with the picture of her band, the anonymous bride-to-be put stickers on her Facebook post, which read: "I said yaasss" and "Mrs Fiancee".

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But when the sparkler ended up in the That's It, I'm Ring Shaming Facebook group, not everyone was a fan of the design.

While some members were quick to notice the design resembled a snake, others had different things on their minds.

One said: "Looks like sperm wrapped around her finger."

Another asked: "Is that a sperm?"

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A third joked: "I'd say run sister – what satanic sperm cult is this ring from?"

And while one user insisted that the "entire photo was an eye-sore", another added: "Snake engagement ring?

"I can't imagine their future."

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Meanwhile one user said: “As the birds say outside, that rings looks 'cheap cheap cheap!’ He probably purchased it at your finest pawn shop between the liquor store and cash your check place.”

This isn't the first time a bride's engagement ring has been slammed by Facebook users.

Previously, social media users blasted a woman's design by saying it looks like "semen".

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