Woman Opens Up About 'Scary' Times She Forgot Husband After Seizures: 'It Made Me Angry'

When seizures began affecting Hannah Wallace’s memory, the Whitewater, Kansas, teen tried her best to fill in the gaps.

After a seizure, “I’d forget what day it was, the year,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

Sometimes she would just lose short term memories, like what she’d learned in school that week or who the president was. Other times the gaps were more frightening.

“I’d forget my friends, so it was really hard to keep or maintain a friendship sometimes,” says Hannah, now 25. She filled in the blanks with what people told her. And sometimes the memories came back on their own. Still, she adds, “I know there’s a lot I don’t remember.”

After graduating high school, Hannah attended Hutchinson Community College and reconnected with Cody Reinert, with whom she went to preschool. The two became close friends but Hannah’s seizures would oftentimes rob her of memories of them together.

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Hannah and Cody Reinert

“She would have this look on her face like, ‘Who are you?’ ” Cody, 24, recalls. For Hannah, “it was scary, very scary,” she adds. “He’d have to gain that trust all over again. Other times it made me really angry because I knew I knew him but couldn’t remember how.”

In time, Hannah’s seizures dissipated and doctors determined they had been stress-induced episodes known as psychogenic nonepileptic seizures. She had her last one a month before the couple were married in July 2018.

When not working — Cody is a corrections officer at the local prison while Hannah works as a librarian — the couple spend their downtime hanging out with their dog, Baloo, and watching movies. Cody also started putting together a montage of videos and photos of their memories together and has been adding to it as they go, just in case Hannah has another seizure and forgets again. “I’m hoping that I’ve done my best to have it ready,” he adds. “So she’ll know.”

For more of Cody and Hannah Reinert’s love story, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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