Woman reveals she has 4 implants in her breasts on ‘Botched’

A woman seeking to repair a past boob job reveals she has four implants stacked in her breasts, a procedure surgeons declare “forbidden.”

In a clip for E!’s “Botched,” Brittany says she has two sets of implants in each of her breasts — one implant placed below the muscle and one above — and is concerned about what Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow will think.

“I am super nervous to tell Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that I have four implants in,” she says in the preview for Monday’s episode. “It kind of feels like telling my mom that I did something wrong when I was younger.”

Brittany says she had her first 600 cc breast augmentation placed under the muscle but the job was not done correctly.

“Immediately after, my implant was actually poking out of my right breast,” she says. “My doctor said he wouldn’t touch it, and it wouldn’t be worth fixing.”

Now she wants to fix the botched job — but also “go bigger” in the process.

“You thought, ‘If I have to get this fixed, I might as well go bigger,’ ” Dr. Dubrow adds. “That’s exactly what I thought,” says Brittany.

However, when she sought out doctors for the 1300 cc operation, many turned her away.

According to Dr. Dubrow, the maximum silicone implant is 800 cc and anything more than that puts “too much tension” on the tissue, increasing the risk of “thinning of the skin, atrophy to the breast tissue or significant capsular contracture,” which can cause implants to appear misshapen or hardened.

Brittany says she eventually found a plastic surgeon who told her he “could stack silicone implants” in a procedure that shocked Dr. Dubrow.

“Stack? You have two implants in each breast?” he asks. “You go to the implant company inserts, it specifically says do not stack implants. It’s forbidden.”

Earlier this season on “Botched,” a model who enhanced her backside to 60 inches with illegal injections was told by Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that she may have to have it amputated.

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