Woman savagely tells husbands mistress hes dead – but some say shes in wrong

A mourning widow sparked debate online after telling her cheating husband's mistress about his tragic death.

Bridgette Davis posted a video on TikTok revealing the saga, saying: "When your husband of 10 years dies and you have to tell his mistress."

She then showed a screenshot of the text messages — the mistress wrote: "F*** I can't believe this.

"I can't, I'm losing it. I can't do this again. He promised me.

"Can I go to where he was buried?"

And Bridgette replied with one word, writing: "No."

Some viewers questioned why she told the mistress of the bad news – especially as she wasn't willing to let her leave a tribute.

One said: "You should tell her where he's buried. She lost a love too. He wrecked your relationship, not her."

Another wrote: "She didn't ask if she could sleep with him but she did ask if she could go to a more than likely public burial spot."

"She was surprised he lied about dying when he lied about being faithful to his wife…who would've thought," a third added.

Bridgette then went on to explain that the mistress knew about her and her two children.

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She wrote to the mistress in a message: "You know he was my husband for 10 years right? That we have two amazing kids together? That I homeschool?

"We have been together 16 years…"

To that, the mistress told her: "He said 14 or 16? I know a lot about things. He needed support, he told me him and I were peas in a pod."

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And Bridgette told her that she knew nothing about her.

She claimed her husband told her that "you weren't his girlfriend and he broke things off with you".

The wife explained to the viewers that she "didn't have anything against" the mistress

"I knew that the man that I married and the man she was dating were two completely different people," she added.

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