Woman says her partner 'likes' too many 'sexy' pictures on Instagram

Would YOU date a man who ‘likes’ racy OnlyFans photos? Woman divides opinion after revealing new partner’s love of sexy social media snaps

  • The woman took to Mumsnet to reveal her partner ‘likes’ OnlyFans accounts
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A woman has sparked a fierce debate online after revealing her partner ‘likes’ sexy pictures on social media – with some saying it’s perfectly healthy, while others condemning his activity as ‘creepy’. 

The anonymous woman sought advice on British parenting site, Mumsnet, where she asked others if they would date a guy who ‘likes a lot of “sexy” pics.’

The woman explained that after a few dates, the potential suitor seemed ‘nice’, however she grew concerned after noticing he followed OnlyFans models on Instagram.

She added that the budding couple were yet to share intimacy and questioned if it was now time to ‘run for the hills.’

The woman’s predicament divided opinions amongst commenters who said they could never date the man, while a minority said it wouldn’t bother them.

An anonymous woman has revealed on Mumsnet that a heated romance could soon grow cold as the man ‘likes’ too many ‘sexy’ images on Instagram (stock image)

She asked the forum: ‘Would you date a guy who follows OnlyFans accounts on instagram?’

‘Been on a few dates, nice guy. He’s been single a while so I know guys can turn to such things’ she continued.

‘He likes a lot of the “sexy” pics. Yes I’ve had a look on his Instagram account (who doesn’t?!) I’d like to think he would stop that if he was to get in a relationship.’

‘What would you do? Run for the hills or see what happens if it goes further?’

‘Oh, we haven’t slept together yet.’

Many answered her question with a simple “no” while one person branded the man’s behaviour ‘creepy.’

She asked the forum if anyone would you date a guy who followed OnlyFans accounts on instagram

One said: ‘I know a woman who’s been dating a guy just like that for two years. I really wonder what she sees in him, he comes across as a creep.’ 

‘No, never’ stated another.

‘No. It’s just asking for trouble’ said a third.

While a fourth said it gave her the ‘ick’, saying: ‘I’d be uncomfortable with a man who wasn’t embarrassed of being so publicly sleazy.’

‘Get an anonymous proxy Instagram for looking at nearly naked women, don’t attach it to your socials. And it won’t stop when you’re a couple, and everyone will feel a bit sorry/cringy for you as his missus.’

The woman’s post divided opinion as many answered her question with a simple ‘no’ while one person branded the man’s behaviour ‘creepy’

Another explained: ‘Just because someone’s single doesn’t mean they’re not a creep. What sort of pages does he follow and posts does he like? If he watched live camera girls and paid for sex, would that bother you? Where does he draw the line, where would you?’

‘You already having an inkling that something is shady about this guy or you wouldn’t have posted on here.’

‘Everyone’s standards, boundaries and level of self-worth differs, so you really can’t go by someone saying they would/would not be okay with it. It’s what you’re okay with – you need to think about what your standards, boundaries and level of self-worth are.’

The poster later updated the post with the man’s age, to which one person responded: ‘It’s a bit gross for a 40 year old really, so no.’ 

However, someone else warned the poster not to judge the man or take social media too seriously, saying: ‘ I think not giving him a chance just based on this alone is strange. You don’t know him yet and it’s way too early to judge him solely on that.’

‘If you do progress to a relationship – and given that it bothers you – I’d be more explicit in telling him that it bothers you so that it doesn’t become something you accumulate resentment over.’

‘But generally I really can’t get excited or bothered about social media likes and it having huge importance.’

Another simply said: ‘Wouldn’t bother me.’

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