Woman shares her recipe to a wealthy and luxury life this year

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A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, shared how her life turned into the most glamorous journey over the last year and claimed that “everything came true” after she manifested her dreams on a vision board. She explained on social media: “I quit my full-time job and became a successful independent entrepreneur” and by doing so, she claimed that she doubled her 9-5 salary.

The woman said that she also hosted luxury personal development retreats across the world and travelled to many countries including Hawaii, Qatar and Bali.

“I also got engaged to a healthy masculine man that adores spoiling me,” she shared while showing a picture of an enormous engagement ring.

After claiming that all her dreams came true in the last few months, she said: “It’s possible when you decide to exist in infinite possibility!” Many followers congratulated her on the social media platform with many asking her “what is the secret recipe”.

“We need instructions and more details on how you were able to do all this in just one year!” said one.

The lucky woman explained: “I wish I had a recipe! It’s a lot of unglamorous inner work and grit! Deciding to release the fear of failure, deciding to go after my dreams, radically deciding to disappoint people, deciding to go against the status quo and starting my online business, deciding to take a radical risk!”

A vision board or dream board is a collage of images and affirmations of one’s dreams and goals for the year.

It is designed to be a source of inspiration and motivation and it can be hung on the wall or simply used as wallpaper on your phone.

The objective is that people look at their vision board, reflect and manifest their goals and desires acknowledging what they truly want, and working with the universe to bring it into their lives.

“Manifesting”, which is what you do by creating and looking at the vision board, is in essence hoping for the things people want in their lives.

The 19th-century spiritualist Phineas Quimby created the concept based on the “law of attraction”.

Many experts think that creating a vision board is considered the key to success as it is a reminder of the goals people want to achieve and helps them stay motivated to fulfil those dreams.

The woman explained on the online platform that if the goal is to achieve a luxurious life, a relationship can greatly help with that.

She explained that any woman can fulfil their dreams of living a life of luxury by meeting a wealthy man, and she shared “how to get him to provide for you”.

The woman explained: “A healthy wealthy man is very chivalrous, things will happen naturally. You don’t have to remind him to provide for you.

“He is a natural protector and provider. When you talk too much about protecting and providing, you’re overexplaining and telling him that you are not used to chivalry.”

She advised that women should simply start looking and “exuding the energy of a confident well-kept woman, and you will eventually become one”.

“Let your energy speak louder than your words,” she said and added that there is no need to explain to a man that you want them to spoil you but by acting like a “confident woman” they will naturally assume that is their duty.

Other women shared their experience on the social media site after following the advice with one saying: “My main man took me for an expensive lunch and gave me his card to get some things for my apartment.

“He is about to take me on a luxury country vacation for my 25th birthday. Before we will be spending time in the Poconos for a snowy log cabin and he’s wanting to buy a home in Miami. He surely does spoil me!”

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