Woman slammed for saying adults into Disney are 'unintelligent'

Woman divides opinion after claiming adults who are obsessed with Disney are ‘shallow’ and ‘not very intelligent’

  • A woman who claims Disney-obsessed adults has received backlash on Reddit
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A woman who claims Disney-obsessed adults are ‘shallow’ and ‘not very intelligent’ has received backlash online. 

In a post that’s now been deleted, the user @mountrain_state4715 wrote into the Unpopular Opinion thread on Reddit to share her take on the issue – in under 24 hours it has over 2,000 comments.

She wrote ‘I fully expect the normal responses to things like this. “X is no more pathetic than Y.” Maybe so, but maybe Y is also pathetic. 

‘When I meet other adults who fill their social media with Disney, put Disney crap on their vehicles, think taking your kids to Disney = parental requirement, etc… I instantly know we can never be friends. 

‘I could never click with a person that shallow. And yes if you’re an adult obsessed with Disney, you’re an extremely shallow person, and likely not very intelligent either.

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‘For the record, I don’t HATE Disney, but the weird obsession some people have is disturbing.’ 

However, the post wasn’t met with the agreement she may have been expecting, instead the replies are filled with people coming to the defence of ‘Disney adults’.

The top reply, with over 2,000 upvotes, suggested the poster was being hypocritical, writing ‘I’m not a huge fan of Disney either but isn’t it the definition of shallow to assume that you can never be friends with someone obsessed with Disney?’

Others replied ‘Making judgements off surface level observations is shallow? This is my shocked face’ and ‘I was just going to comment on the irony’.

Another person compared Disney lovers to sports fans, writing ‘The most obvious analogy here is sports. 

‘There are plenty of dudes where you can scroll through their social media and nearly every single post is related to whatever sports team they’re obsessed with. 

‘For whatever reason, that obsession is seen as normal, but not something like disney. 

‘At the end of the day, our obsessions will always look weird to people who don’t share them, and normal to people who do.’

The post wasn’t met with the agreement she may have been expecting, instead the replies are filled with people coming to the defence of ‘Disney adults’.

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A popular reply from another user reads ‘Moral of the story: let people enjoy things,’ to which a Redditor replied ‘Exactly! I’m the one “non Disney” person in our group, but I love my friends and I’m genuinely happy when they get so excited about “x”. I’m glad they aren’t afraid to show their joy and silliness!’

Someone else chimed in with ‘One of my friends is Disney lover. They know it’s not my thing, but I damn well will be excited about some Disney thing they tell me about because I’m excited they’re excited. That’s it.’ 

Although, some did agree with what the original poster was saying.

One Redditor wrote ‘I mean… they have a point. People obsessed with anything can get obnoxious when taken too far. 

‘It’s so funny to me how riled up ppl have gotten about this topic; we all know any obsessive fixation can be off-putting. 

‘It can be sports or Nicki Minaj or Disney- the issue isn’t the thing itself, it’s the fixation and obsession that turns people off.’

Another added ‘Lol. Sports is so much more substantial than a corporate amusement park,’ meanwhile someone else wrote ‘If your identity revolves entirely around one thing you need to expand and grow.’

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