Woman trolled as she admits to walking to petrol station to fill up car

A woman got brutally trolled after she admitted to walking to the petrol to fill her car up.

Indi, who is currently on a backpacking adventure, decided she would take a leisurely stroll to the gas station as it was so close to her location at the time.

But, she forgot one important thing that ended up making her whole trip redundant.

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In a TikTok clip which has now gone viral, Indi filmed herself strolling down the street in the dark on the way to the petrol station.

Indi shared: "Hey, I just walked to the petrol station to get petrol because I was like 'it's so close, I'm just gonna walk'. And I realised once I got there what I had done. And so I became so concerned with myself.

"I felt soooo efficient walking somewhere instead of driving for once."

However, Indi's 'efficiency' was short lived as she forgot the integral part – the vehicle. The clip which surpassed 3million views attracted a range of responses. One pointed out that she should have filled up a can and walked back. Indi replied: "I'm not that kind of woman."

As some people took the opportunity to troll Indi, many others were able to relate to Indi's hilarious lapse in memory. One person chuckled: "This is genuinely so funny."

Another user added: "Hahaha I done this a few months ago because the petrol station is just down the hill from me!! I was worried for my sanity that day."

While a third mocked: "I needed to get my dirty car cleaned. It was a nice and sunny day. So I rode my bike to the carwash." Someone else giggled: "I biked to work, somehow forgot that I biked in the morning so I took the tram home and didn’t see my bike at home so I reported it stolen."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "Me when I walked to the vets without my cat."

And this user expressed: "One time I lost my glasses so I put my glasses on so it'd be easier to look for them."

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