Woman with acne goes make-up free after men joke take her swimming on 1st date

For women who wear makeup, they might receive some unwarranted comments about what they look like naturally underneath.

It is common that lads ‘joke’ about taking women swimming on their first date to see their bare face without the contents of their makeup bag applied.

And, for influencer Izzie Rodgers she has given her take on the idea that women should be taken swimming so their ‘real’ self is exposed.

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The babe has built up an impressive social media following for her gorgeous makeup looks and for embracing her acne.

In a recent TikTok clip, Izzie first donned a face full of glam which gave her skin a ‘smooth’ appearance without a blemish in sight.

She wrote a typical comment made by men about dating women who wear makeup.

The influencer wrote: “Take her swimming on your first date.”

But, jokes on these lads.

Izzie oozes confidence with her natural face – acne and all!

She shared a snap of herself makeup-free, which revealed some pimples on her face.

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The babe declared: “Ok, but you're about to fall in love with acne and rashes.”

Since being posted, many women fled to the comments to praise the influencer for making them feel less insecure about themselves.

One person commented: “You look so good.”

Another user added: “Your account has made me a lot less insecure of my acne.”

A third person voiced: “I’m obsessed with your page.”

Someone else shared: “U made me feel good about my acne and I love you.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user praised: “Gorgeous.”

Previously, Izzie opened up about how she has struggled with not applying filters to her images.

She explained: "I am someone who is very self confident and comfortable with who I am, yet I still struggle to not prefer my face filtered.

"How can I not? I have acne, I have scars, bags and have dark circles and with a click of a button it can all be gone, and as an extra gift I also get larger lips, a slimmer nose and perfect eye liner flicks (which may be the rarest addition of them all).

"The bottom line is these filters are being used so much I’ve realised I don’t even notice when it’s on someone’s face anymore… imagine what that’s doing to young people?

"So I will continue to expose myself to help any young girls out there."


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