WWE Billions: 10 Ways Vince McMahon Spends His Billion-Dollar Fortune

As a third-generation wrestling announcer, Vince McMahon made history in 1980 as the founder of Titan Sports. When he purchased the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as WWE, McMahon made changes in the industry, taking a regional sport to a national event. By 1984, McMahon had recruited Terry’ Hulk Hogan’ Bollea, and the rest is history.

Today, McMahon is the primary shareholder for the WWE empire, kept mainly among the family, including wife Linda, daughter Stephanie, and son-in-law Paul’ Triple H’ Levesque. McMahon has an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion.

With that kind of cash, McMahon has the luxury of purchasing some pretty unique items.

10 WWE Race Car

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Remember when Dwayne Johnson as The Rock for WWE? In 2000, a race car featuring The Rock’s logo was designed and used for drag racing and in conjunction with WWE events. The car has been gutted – no engine, seats, or breaks, but the frame alone will be worth a pretty penny, particularly since The Rock’s stardom has only skyrocketed since moving on to the big screen. The custom-designed frame currently sits at the official WWE Warehouse, full of memorabilia.

9 Titan Towers

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The official headquarters for WWE is located in Stamford, CT. Inside the four-story building, JoysToyz reports the walls are lined with televisions playing recent wrestling events and glass-encased wrestling memorabilia. This is where McMahon has an executive office, holds all his meetings, and does staff work to keep the company running smoothly.

8 Connecticut Mansion

Not 15 minutes down the road from the WWE Headquarters is the Greenwich, CT home of McMahon and his wife, Linda. McMahon reportedly paid $40 million for the ten acres of property, with multiple gardens and a large pool. The three-story mansion, named Conyers Farm, includes seven bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a personal gym, and more.

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7 Luxury Vehicles

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Known for his love of luxurious vehicles, it’s not uncommon to see McMahon driving around in a 2010 Bentley Continental GT SuperSport. The base price is around $200,000, but McMahon paid $100,000 more for custom features. The steering wheel features gear shift selectors, a font ventilation system in the seats, and a state-of-the-art massage system.

6 Private Corporate Jet

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The 2007 Bombardier Global 5000 costs an estimated $27 million. Used by McMahon and the entire family, including wrestlers on occasion, the aircraft can carry up to 19 passengers, has access to soundproof cabins and offices, and boasts WWE signature colors. With homes across the country and work taking the family to various events, the private jet comes in handy for speedy traveling.

5 Top-Notch Gym Equipment

If you know McMahon, you know he loves going to the gym. The 76-year-old businessman reportedly spends hours working out. According to The Sportster, the wrestlers often didn’t train as hard as McMahon in his prime. Every home and office McMahon owns includes a private gym with the best equipment.

4 Sexy B***h

McMahon’s yacht is well known if nothing else, then for the name he christened it. Docked near his Florida property, the 47-foot boat includes several bedrooms, bathrooms, and entertainment spaces. The yacht made national news during Linda’s political career attempts, as other candidates made it clear they didn’t appreciate the inappropriate name for the boat.

3 Iron Mountain Archives

Perhaps one of the largest video storage vaults in the world, the Iron Mountain is a secret, high-security facility just 30 minutes from the Titan Towers. Located in a once-active Limestone mine, the vault keeps tapes of every WWE event, dating back to AWA film reels and long-lost footage from Jim Crockett Promotions. It’s said that the climate-controlled room also contains master recordings from Sony Music Entertainment and historic sports memorabilia.

2 T-Rex Skull

According to YouTube, one of McMahon’s prized possessions includes a $6,000 T-Rex replica given to him by a son-in-law, Triple H. The famous wrestler saw a replica of the skull and asked where he could purchase one, now proudly displayed in McMahon’s executive office at Titan Towers. In fact, when McMahon posts videos from his office, the backdrop is often this unique gift.

1 Custom Suits

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With a billionaire salary, everything McMahon does is done with flair and expense. Rarely seen in anything but a three-piece suit, McMahon takes the time to find the best of the best when it comes to apparel. Initially, McMahon required all wrestlers to wear suits to present the image of WWE backstage, but after signing a deal with Tapout, wrestlers can now wear the brand’s clothing and suits. McMahon, however, isn’t apt to change his fancy wardrobe anytime soon.

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