Aaron Boone confused over Domingo German retirement flip-flop

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was pleased Domingo German changed his mind Saturday about leaving baseball which he said he was doing Friday on social media.

However, Boone wants to know more about the situation before addressing the issue.

“I kind of reserve comment until I have a handle on the situation,’’ Boone said. “First and foremost want to make sure he is OK.”

After abruptly hinting at retirement with a brief Instagram post on Friday night, German explained that he was not leaving the sport on Saturday and apologized.

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“To my teammates, the Yankees organization and our fans, I am very sorry for the unsettling post [Friday] night,’’ German wrote. “This past year has been very tough for my family and myself, for which I take full responsibility. Not being with my teammates while they get ready for the season, knowing that I have let them down, has taken a toll on me and [Friday] night I let my emotions get the best of me.”

German is currently suspended following a domestic violence incident during last season.

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