'Boring' Joe Gomez wooed girlfriend Tamara on Blackberry messenger and she later helped him through injury hell

LIVERPOOL ace Joe Gomez courted his childhood sweetheart using Blackberry messenger – and then she was the rock during his injury hell.

Centre back Gomez met girlfriend Tamara while at school in South London and they have been together ever since.

But the bashful 21-year-old had to turn to technology in an attempt to woo her.

Gomez told the Daily Mail in October 2018: "I didn't have much chat, I was quite quiet. But it was all about Blackberry messenger back then. I started messaging and talking and we got to know each other."

Gomez's rapid rise from Charlton prospect to Liverpool's swift-heeled defender may not have happened had it not been for Tamara.

The England international found himself living in an apartment on his own at the age of 18 after being signed by Brendan Rodgers. He had lived with his four siblings in the family home before then.

Gomez, a self-proclaimed "boring guy", said: "Tamara stayed the first night but was at university in London. She would come up every weekend but, that apart, I was by myself."

Canteen staff at Melwood helped Gomez by cooking meals for him to take back to the apartment.

He said: "But I guess the main thing was Tamara. In the week I would be down and would look forward to her coming up. She is here now and we live in Formby. That is the boring life the lads talk about."

Gomez also credited Tamara with helping him through the 16 months he was out injured with a cruciate ligament issue.

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