Boxing world champion Patrick Teixeira brands Conor McGregor a 'delusional clown' and vows to 'exterminate' UFC star

BOXING champion Patrick Teixeira called Conor McGregor a 'delusional clown' and said he would 'exterminate' the UFC star.

McGregor, who lost his boxing debut to Floyd Mayweather in 2017, is eyeing a return to the ring against another legend in Manny Pacquiao.

And he also made the lofty ambition of promising to win a world title in the boxing ring before he retires.

But Brazilian Teixeira, who won the WBO light-middleweight belt in 2019, laughed off McGregor's chances.

And he warned if they were to fight, he would not take ten rounds to win like Mayweather did in their lucrative crossover bout.

Teixeira, 30, told SunSport: "He's thinking because Floyd gave him a few rounds to work with, he's a boxer.

"I honestly wouldn't do the same thing as Floyd, I would exterminate him in two rounds, one for him to go up and the other to go down.

"He would take a beating. Conor is just delusional, a real clown.

"Now, I want to beat that clown up and retire him from sport boxing and UFC."

McGregor, 32, was in talks to fight Pacquiao, 42, towards the end of last year.

But he instead committed his future to the UFC, as he returns to the octagon on Saturday in a rematch against Dustin Poirier, 32, who he beat in 2014.

McGregor revealed a boxing match with Filipino icon Pacquiao has been shelved for now, likely to be set for the end of 2021.

Teixeira refuses to believe the 0-1 boxer, who reigned as a two-division champion in the UFC, has any shot of upsetting PacMan.

And he urged the southpaw to instead start from the bottom if he is serious about a boxing career – or else risk being embarrassed on the big stage.

Teixeira said: "I don't hate Conor, I have nothing personal against him, I just think he hasn't learned yet that he needs to start from the bottom.

"He wants to fight big as he did with Mayweather, now he wants Pacquiao.

"We who are on a higher level kill him easily without a problem, and he will be ashamed on TV.

"I would ruin his career, and he would understand that boxing is for real men, not for clown.

"He could never take a fight like that, Floyd was nice to him, I wouldn't be."

Despite being a decorated champion in MMA and achieving superstardom, Teixeira is adamant McGregor is underserving of a fight against Pacquaio.

And to prove a point, he would even be willing to step into the ring with The Notorious in his home or Ireland.

Teixeira said: "If he beats me then he deserves a big chance with Pacquiao.

"Let's see if he has fans to support him in the United States or Ireland. It would be nice to hit him in his backyard."

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