Chelsea player fines revealed as Lampard demands £20,000 for being late to training and £500 a minute for meetings – The Sun

CHELSEA stars will be thankful they don't get the bus to work after it emerged they must pay £500 for each MINUTE they are late to meetings.

An array of in-house rules have leaked on the internet showing the mega sums of money squad members must hand over if they cross the line.

Reporting late for training and matchday departures are met with the chunkiest fees, along with missing community duties.

Should Frank Lampard blow the whistle on the start of a day's workout just as a tardy squad member yanks on their training kit, they will be met with a £20,000 fine.

And Blues stars will be no strangers to nervously checking their phones after it emerged the club fines them £1,000 if it rings in a team meeting.

Turning up behind schedule for treatment is down as a £2,500 felony with it £5,000 for not travelling back from a game on the team coach without prior warning.

And any player not appropriately dressed for travelling with the team must hand over £1,000.

Of the sanctions, perhaps the most understandable is the whopping £10,000 fine if someone doesn't report an illness or injury before their day off or within 90 minutes of training starting.

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