Daryl Gurney furious with Rob Cross for looking for sad story at Grand Prix

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Darts star Daryl Gurney said he was 'furious' with Rob Cross as he thought his opponent was for looking for a 'sad story' at the World Grand Prix.

The 2017 champion earned his first win in the tournament in four years after beating Cross 2-1 on Tuesday night in the opening round.

The Northern Irishman went to a decider with 2018 World Champion Cross at the Morningside Arena in Leicester before pinning a double eight to claim the victory – booking a tie against Madars Razma on Thursday.

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Gurney used his post-match interview to vent about his opposition, saying that he was intially left confused by the conduct of Cross.

The 36-year-old said to Online Darts TV: "I can’t be nasty to anyone because the fines are too expensive. And I have a four-year-old son and I have lost that way.

"But whenever Rob was giving off after the first set I got angry because he was getting angry about my manager for some reason – I don't know what happened between them two. Given how many times he’s beat me, he shouldn’t be angry, I should be angry with him.

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"It kinda lit a fire inside me. I am trying to get the nastiness, the anger back, but it’s really, really hard whenever there are fines coming your way and you got a four-year-old.

"Something happened, and I know something annoyed him, and I knew I hadn’t done anything so it was coming from my management.

Gurney continued: "I thought that the amount of times he’s beat me, and I now I am in front and he’s giving off, I thought, 'well, maybe he’s looking for a sad story' – I thought I'm not letting him away with it. I was furious going into the first break "

Indeed, Gurney hasn’t defeated Cross in their previous five meetings. Earlier this year, the Englishman beat last night’s winner once 7-4 and on another occasion 6-3.

Gurney did defeat Cross in 2019, beating his rival 10-6.

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