Deluded Florentino Perez claims Chelsea fan protest was STAGED as Real Madrid chief says Euro Super League is still ON

FLORENTINO PEREZ continues to cling on to his European Super League dream despite nine clubs pulling out.

And the Real Madrid president sensationally claimed protests from Chelsea fans were STAGED.

The Blues and Manchester City were the first two clubs to pull out of the money-making farce – much to the delight of Chelsea supporters who made their feelings known outside Stamford Bridge.

Shortly after the protests began, all six Premier League clubs had withdrawn and began to issue grovelling apologies to their fanbases.

AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico also pulled out on Wednesday with Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli conceding the league was dead in the water.

But it appears Perez can't let go of the doomed breakaway league.

He told Spanish radio show El Larguero: "If anyone thinks the Super League is dead, are they wrong? Absolutely.

"We're going to keep working and what everyone thinks is for the best will emerge.

"The project is on standby. The Super League still exists."


Perez added: "I'm a bit sad and disappointed because we've been working on this project for three years.

"There was someone in the group of six English teams who wasn't that interested and I think that started to become contagious among the others.

"There are people of a certain age involved and maybe they were scared because they didn't understand anything that was going on.

"We all signed a binding contract, but I don't think that one of them was ever convinced.



"In the end, there was an onslaught from the leagues and the Premier League got fired up, so they said, 'we'll leave it for now'."

Perez then unbelievably suggested 'somebody placed' the Chelsea fans to start the protest.

He said: "Who brought those Chelsea fans to protest? Someone moved them."

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