Donovan Mitchell Only Succeeds At Getting Trolled By Teammate After Hitting On Zendaya

Utah Jazz star guard Donovan Mitchell has a thing for actress Zendaya and he isn’t afraid to make a damn fool of himself on social media as long as it means ultimately scoring the beautiful California native.

Zendaya, who recently starred alongside Tom Holland as Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Far From Home, has had the attention of the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk champion for a bit now, and why not? She seems to attract spiders of all forms.

The 23-year-old shooting guard goes by the name “Spida” and is heading into his third season in the NBA. He’s been publicly expressing an interest in Zendaya from at least 2017, having posted a photo of her with the caption “Future wifey” on his Twitter in May of that year.

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Since then, it’s been all about Zendaya and he has been spotted liking her posts, as well as posting suggestive bits of his own. He even spoke about her on Josh Hart’s LightHarted podcast back in July.

Last week, though, he shot his shot with the actress, garnering everyone’s attention. Sadly, there was no response from Zendaya – at least none that we know about.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mitchell’s teammate Rudy Gobert proceeded to troll him by offering to set a screen for the young shooting guard next time. Gobert, a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, has also led the NBA in screen assists one season, so he knows a thing or two about freeing his mate up for an open jumper.

Spida could probably use an assist from Golden State Warriors superstar Klay Thompson as the sharpshooter has succeeded in bringing a woman from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the NBA.

Klay is now dating Laura Harrier, who played Liz Allan (Spider-Man’s first crush) in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017 and was photographed in several intimate settings with the actress during the summer.

Mitchell could use a few tips, Klay. Don’t hold out.

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