Fans brand Adam Peaty as 'arrogant' and 'disrespectful'

Fans brand swimming star Adam Peaty ‘arrogant’ and ‘disrespectful’ to his fellow athletes after bizarre interview where he claimed he ‘isn’t bothered’ about winning the Commonwealth Games 50m breaststroke final

  • Adam Peaty has been criticised for being ‘arrogant’ after his recent comments
  • The Olympic champion is accused of talking down the Commonwealth Games 
  • Peaty was beaten in Sunday’s 100m breaststroke final and ended up in fourth
  • He returned to the pool to qualify for the 50m breaststroke final this evening 

Adam Peaty has been heavily criticised for being ‘disrespectful’ and ‘arrogant’ after he downplayed the importance of the Commonwealth Games.   

The British swimmer was beaten in Sunday’s 100m breaststroke final by fellow England teammate James Wilby, ending up fourth overall.

The reigning Olympic champion and world record holder, Peaty, finished outside of the medal positions in his favoured event, where he had not lost in eight years.

Adam Peaty downplayed the importance of the Commonwealth Games after  50m semi-final

The former Olympic champion qualified for the 50m breaststroke final on Monday

The 28-year-old then returned to the pool on Monday evening, as he took part in the 50m breaststroke semi-finals, where he qualified for the final this evening.

The swimmer was accused of talking the Games down, as Peaty boldly said in a post-swim interview on BBC: ‘It doesn’t feel amazing, but it doesn’t feel bad either.’

The BBC interviewer Sharron Davies was notably taken aback by Peaty’s approach and tried to usher him into a respectable answer as she suggested he will want to win as ‘it’s the one you missed out on’. 

However, Peaty’s comment once again suggested he thinks little of the Commonwealth Games.

British swimmer Peaty has been criticised for being ‘arrogant’ during his post-swim interview

‘It’ll probably be my last attempt tomorrow, but I’m not bothered about it,’ Peaty said. 

‘The Commonwealths to me, in the grand scheme of things…it’s about two years time (the Olympics).

‘That’s no disrespect. I’m still four weeks into my programme, I can’t put that expectation on myself.’

Fans have, however, taken to social media to slate Peaty’s ‘disrespectful’ interview after the 50m semi-final.

Fans took to social media to slate Peaty’s ‘disrespectful’ interview after the 50m semi-final

One fan simply posted that they have never seen anybody as arrogant as the British swimmer

One viewer tweeted: ‘Adam peaty what an arrogant prat.. It’s only the commonwealth games.. Disrespectful to other swimmers.’

Another said: ‘They are trying to defend Adam Peaty saying he’s not being disrespectful. Well I’m sorry he is I’ve never seen anybody as arrogant as him.’

A third posted: ‘Adam Peaty needs to remember people have paid to see him. If he’s not bothered then he should have given his place to someone else. 

‘Disrespectful to Birmingham and the #CommonwealthGames2022.’

One viewer feels that Peaty should have given up his place at the Games, if he is not bothered

Another revealed that they have lost respect for the Olympic champion after his comments

One viewer simply posted that there is no need for Peaty to have this attitude at the Games

Other viewers has lost respect for the British swimmer after his comments about the Games in Birmingham.

One simply said: ‘Adam Peaty has totally gone down in my estimations after that interview. So disrespectful to all those that have won medals and do think they count.’

Another added: ‘Blase and arrogant is how I’d describe Adam Peaty atm, no need to take this attitude. 

‘Why enter if you don’t want to win? Tbh I often think he’s overrated.’

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