Fuming Gareth Southgate 'barged into Icelandic beauties' hotel room in frantic search for Foden and Greenwood

A FURIOUS Gareth Southgate hammered on the door of the Icelandic girls who met with Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood while the pair were on international duty.

Foden and Greenwood were sent home in disgrace last week after the pair evaded hotel security to meet up with Nadia Gunnarsdottir, 20, and Lara Clausen, 19, at England's Reykjavik hotel – in a breach of strict Covid-19 protocols.

The girls told Icelandic podcast host Solvi Tryggvason how the England manager woke them up at 6am the next day by slamming on the door of their hotel room.

Nadia told the Solvi Trygvasson podcast: "No one has slammed this hard on my door in my entire life.

"We open the door and it was Southgate.

"I had no idea who he was at the time.

"He stands there with his arms crossed dressed up in training clothes."

Lara added: "He looked like the manager.

"You can clearly see if a man is a manager or not."

Nadia continued: "Then there are other people behind him, another older man and a woman working for security.

"At that point they rush in and ask us where the boys are.

"They turn the lights on and start to search the room."

By this time Foden and Greenwood had already returned to their room, prompting Tryggvason to ask why Southgate and co felt the need to barge in on the girls.

Lara said: "We were both wondering who they were searching for.

"The three of them rushed in straight away [without asking permission]."

With the boys unable to leave the team hotel, Greenwood asked Nadia to book herself into the £55-a-night Radisson Blu hotel England were staying in and snuck up to the seventh floor to meet her along with Foden.

They were later joined by Gunnarsdottir's cousin Lara, who said Foden had promised to pay her back for her room.

Foden, 20, and Greenwood, 18, have been rapped by their clubs and were fined £1,360 for breaching Iceland's own coronavirus regulations.

Last night Foden was accused of attempting to meet up with another girl while on international duty with England under-21s last year.

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