Gascoigne and Vinnie recreate iconic photo of actor grabbing groin

Watch that tackle! Paul Gascoigne and Vinnie Jones recreate iconic photo of actor grabbing former England star’s groin during speaking tour of the UK

  • Paul Gascoigne and Vinnie Jones were caught in iconic incident during 1980s  
  • They have been going on a speaking tour of the UK in recent months to discuss it 
  • On Saturday night, they recreated the iconic image during event in Ipswich 

It is one of the most iconic photos in sporting history and now Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne have recreated their famous snap.

During the clash between Wimbledon and Newcastle United on February 6, 1988, Jones was marking Gascoigne and decided to deal with him by grabbing his crotch.

And ahead of a speaking engagement in Ipswich on Saturday evening, the pair posed for the cameras in the same manner.

Paul Gascoigne (left) and Vinnie Jones have recreated their famous photo (right) together

Gascoigne appeared in good spirits at the event and signed autographs for fans in attendance

Gascoigne and Jones have been touring the country together to discuss the incident, which came after Jones was specifically tasked with watching him during the game at Plough Lane.

‘I got to the game everything is fine, was having the craic with the lads, and it is all going off out on the pitch,’ Jones told TalkSport last year.

‘Gazza has gone out there early and there was a frenzy. I used to go out late, I didn’t want a great big warm up. 

‘Our guys went out and are going ‘there are girls running on with bouquets of flowers and roses and chocolates’ and something snapped in me. I thought: ‘I could be the laughing stock of this game. What if he scores four goals, what if he runs riot?’

Gascoigne and Jones shared a laugh at the event at the Ipswich Corn Exchange on Saturday

‘Something snapped in me. So I never went out. I stretched in the dressing room and I am building up and building up and I thought ‘when I see him, I’m going to kill him’.

‘It was a free kick or something and I didn’t want (Gascoigne) to come short and get the ball.

‘We were fighting to get in and he started jostling as well and you said something about ‘how much are they paying you for this, are you getting £100 for this today?’ That is when I reached down.

‘I grabbed it and it was just spot on! There weren’t no fiddling about. He had a bit of luncheon on him the boy at 17 to be fair to him! It was straight on the button. I just grabbed it and didn’t let go.’

Gascoigne signs the waist of a woman who attended the event at the Ipswich Corn Exchange


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