Is Match Of The Day on TONIGHT and what Premier League final day matches will be covered?

PREMIER LEAGUE players have battled hard and have just 90 minutes left of the season.

With a title on the line for Liverpool and Manchester City, Gary Lineker will be in the hotseat as Match of the Day returns tonight.

When is Match of the Day on?

Match of the Day will review all the final day games on Sunday, May 12 – TONIGHT.

It will start at 10.30pm on BBC One.

What games are on Match of the Day?

The following games will be on Match of the Day:

Tottenham vs Everton

Manchester United vs Cardiff City

Watford vs West Ham

Southampton vs Huddersfield Town

Leicester City vs Chelsea

Fulham vs Newcastle United

Liverpool vs Wolves

Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth

Brighton vs Manchester City

Burnley vs Arsenal

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