Jake Paul sends $100k custom-made ‘Sleepy Conor’ McGregor pendant to Dustin Poirier with cheeky note

JAKE PAUL has sent Dustin Poirier his $100,000 custom-made Sleep McGregor chain – just days after having it made.

The YouTuber turned boxer had the £73,000 diamond-encrusted accessorymade last week ahead of Poirier's trilogy fight with Conor McGregor, which he won via first-round TKO.

The outrageous piece of jewellery came with a pendant depicting a knocked out McGregor after his second-round loss to The Diamond in January.

And the pricey chain, along with a heartfelt note from Paul, is now on its way to the former interim UFC lightweight champion

The note read: "Dear Dustin."

"Congrats for your much earned victory. I love what you are doing with your Good Fight Foundation!

"You deserve this chain more than me! Good always beats evil! Keep winning!

"Love Jake.


"P.S Tell Jolie I said Hi – She’s a badass!"

Poirier, 32, intends to auction the chain and donate the funds to charity.

The Louisianan scored a second successive win over McGregor last weekend in the main event of UFC 264 in Las Vegas.

McGregor suffered a broken leg with just seconds remaining of the first round and was unable to continue.

Paul had a front-row view for The Notorious' horrific injury but wasn't spotted by MMA fans,unlike when he attended UFC 261 in Jacksonville.

During the latest episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Jake's brother Logan said: "When I walked in, I said to one of the UFC reps, 'Hey, is my brother here?'

"And she looks at me and she turned white.

"She goes, 'You brother's coming?' I go, 'I don't know.' She goes, 'F**k.' And I go, 'I don't think he's got anything planned.'

"He came in with a bucket hat and we were surely expecting like a 'f**k Jake Paul' chant but no one could see him because he wore a bucket hat.

"And because of that, no attention was drawn to him and he didn't really get to show off the chain at the event and he really get the chance to distract Conor like he wanted to.

"And I think obviously now, Jake's plans for fighting Conor have been a little watered down because of the whole missing ankle thing.

"You got no leg. No leg, no contract."

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