Khabib's dominant win over Justin Gaethje proved 'just how good Conor McGregor is', says UFC legend Rashad Evans

KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV'S destructive victory against Justin Gaethje showed just how good Conor McGregor is.

That's the opinion of UFC legend Rashad Evans, who believes the Irishman doesn't get the credit he deserves for his battle with Khabib.

In 2018 McGregor tapped out in the fourth round after Khabib had locked him in a rear naked choke.

Gaethje got nowhere near that far in his shot at Khabib – with the referee stepping in in the second round.

It later saw Khabib announce his retirement from the octagon with an unblemished fight record.

And Evans says it's time McGregor gets some recognition for his effort, despite losing to the Russian.

Speaking on Morning Kombat, Evans, 51, said: "What McGregor showed me after what Khabib did to Gaethje, he showed me that he is one of the best to do it!

“That’s what he showed me. Listen, I don’t like to give McGregor props because Conor can be crazy sometimes. But you’ve gotta give props where props is due.

“What Conor did in that fight with Khabib, in hindsight based off what Khabib has done to everyone else, he shows that he is one of the best to do it in the weight class.

“That’s the thing about it. To be able see what Khabib did to Gaethje, a guy that wrestled his whole entire life, and make short work of him in the grappling aspect, and to see McGregor taken down multiple times, but not only taken down but got up.

"He made it hard for Khabib to hold him down, and that’s something people just don’t do with Khabib.

"Once you get taken down once it’s a wrap because even if you do get back up to your feet you are a different fighter when you get back up to your feet.

"That wasn’t the case with Conor. He kept getting back up, and he even won a round once he had been taken down a couple times.

"So that should show a lot of people just how good McGregor is.”

Although Khabib has called time on his career, many think he could be tempted if the right fight was there.

And a rematch against McGregor would be the one the world wants.

The Notorious is set to return in January to rematch Dustin Poirier.

He then could fight for the interim lightweight title – with Khabib still holding that title despite his retirement.

And according to Khabib's friend, and fellow fighting legend, Daniel Cormier, Khabib vs McGregor II could be on.

He told ESPN: "Could you imagine if McGregor gets ahold of the interim championship and now you go to Khabib and go, ‘Hey, October, Abu Dhabi, you and McGregor again, boatloads of money?'

"Because now, you’re Khabib, you walked away, you could say, ‘I want more,’ and there’s a good chance you’ll probably get more because that’s a home run.

"It’s a home run, you and McGregor.”

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