Lewis Hamilton urges Mercedes to ‘get the f*** on’ or risk throwing away the F1 title after Ferrari win third straight race – The Sun

LEWIS HAMILTON is worried he still might blow his chances of winning a sixth F1 title – despite racking up a whopping lead in the championship.

Hamilton made the revelation after seeing Sebastian Vettel's victory in the Singapore GP make it three wins in a row for Ferrari.

Hamilton delivered a rallying call to his Mercedes team, telling them he's now fearing his huge advantage could be wiped out by Ferrari's resurgence.

He said: “You don’t realise how hard we work in the background, each race, even the ones we won did not come easy as you might perceive.

“Of course, it has got tighter as the season goes on and we welcome that. But at the same time we have just got to be doing a better job.
We did such a great job at the beginning of the year.

“I am under no illusion that my gap in the championship could disappear. It is not won yet.

“We need to pull our socks up and get the f*** on basically. We can squeeze more out of this car and individually we can do better.

“We don’t feel great right now but I think that is a good thing because if anyone in the team feels relaxed right now, they need
talking to, because we should all be feeling the pain.


“We will go to the next race and try to rev ourselves up and do a better job. These next few races are going to be tough.”

It would be near-on impossible for the 34-year-old to blow it – after winning six of the opening eight races of 2019.

He has a 65 point lead over his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, while his nearest non-Mercedes rivals, Chalres Leclerc and Max Verstappen, are 96 points behind with a maximum of 156 points available in the remaining six races.

Meanwhile, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto will clear the air with Charles Leclerc after the 21-year-old felt he was denied a win in Singapore.

Ferrari's decision to pit Vettel early proved to be a masterstroke and by not telling Leclerc, the Monaco-born driver suspected foul play.

However, Binotto admitted they simply lucked in to the pivotal strategic call with Vettel in trying to cover off the threat of Bottas and Max Verstappen.

He said: "Verstappen and Bottas were ready to stop, we knew that, and the best way to protect Sebastian's position was to stop him.

"So it was the right timing to stop Seb and on that I think there are no discussions.

"As a matter of fact, when we stopped Sebastian, we thought that Charles stopping the lap after, he would have remained ahead of Sebastian."

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