Lindsey Vonn gets new veneers as she shares 'gross' behind-the-scenes footage before showing off sparkling white teeth

SKI legend Lindsey Vonn has showed off her new pearly whites by posting a video of herself getting veneers on social media.

The 35-year-old – who recently took her two dogs to the dentist – shared her latest trip to the dentist to her two million Instagram followers.

Those getting veneers done for the first time will have to have each individual tooth drilled down, while also having the enamel removed.

Sharing the procedure that was performed by LA-based Dr Bill Dorfman, Vonn joked to her fans how it is 'gross content'.

In a series of videos that were mashed together in the post, Vonn explains how she 'got new teeth' as the dentist drilled into her front teeth.

The three-time Olympic medallist then runs her tongue through her teeth, captioning the clip by saying: "Wait… what?"

Vonn – who dated Tiger Woods for two years – then showed off a freaky smile as he teeth were getting ground down, before joking that she drooled a lot during the process.

She then asks the dentist if she dares to see the finished look, panning the camera down to her teeth as she expressed her thrill at her new look.

The American simply said: "Yay! And we're back!"

There was a scare for Vonn last week when two of her beloved dogs had to be taken to the vets after being chased by a porcupine.

Vonn shared an image of her pets with sharp quills impaled in their faces after the incident.

Alongside the picture, she wrote: "So… my boys got into some trouble over the weekend.

"They ran out of the house and chased after a porcupine… as boys do.

"Incredible thankful that they are ok.

"I also greatly appreciate my family and friends for helping them make it home safe and they love and care that they got from White Pine Vet!

"You guys are the best."

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