Luis Castillo’s lawyer demands to know ‘next step’ after drug accusation

A lawyer for ex-Mets infielder Luis Castillo has demanded his client receive an apology from authorities in the Dominican Republic after he was implicated in a massive, international drug-trafficking ring.

Darren Heitner has insisted that the former MLBer did not have any involvement in the cocaine and opioid empire of César Emilio Peralta.

“At this point, we want clarity,” Heitner said, according to sports website The Athletic. “We’d love to know what the next step is. We demand information, and ultimately, an apology, because Luis Castillo has not been involved in any drug trafficking whatsoever.”

In a tweet Tuesday, Heitner said: “There is no truth to the allegation that Luis Castillo has been arrested.”

Castillo, 43, along with former Mets pitcher Octavio Dotel, 45, was cited by authorities Tuesday in their native Dominican Republic for their alleged ties to the drug-trafficking and money-laundering ring. Dotel was arrested. Castillo is with his family in the US, according to his lawyer.

The former baseball stars were among 18 people “linked to this network,” officials said.

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