Now Here Is One God-Awful Way To Lose A Baseball Game

If you are the type of person who does not enjoy watching people experience self-inflicted embarrassments in public, heed these two warnings: Do not listen to this clip of an author finding out live on radio that the entire premise of her latest book is false, and do not watch this clip from yesterday’s SEC elimination game between LSU and Auburn:

Bottom of the ninth, one out, runners on second and third, Auburn up 3-2. The pitch bounces well in front of the plate; the catcher, already panicking because he can’t locate the ball, kicks the damn thing into foul territory; basically everyone on the field just shuffles around helplessly as the terror sets in; both runners come around to score, and LSU walks it off, 4-3. These are less descriptions of a moment a baseball game than they are plot points in a horror movie.

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